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Are you learning a foreign language? One of the most frustrating things about language learning is finding the time for it. Learning a new language can seem overwhelming, especially if you are only exposed to it when you leave your house to pick up your groceries. But when you start listening to it in the ... [Read more]

cost of living Tainan Taiwan

Considering a move to Taiwan? What is the real cost of living there? Andrew Bliss is an American living in Tainan, Taiwan. Here is his cost of living: Cost of living in Tainan Taiwan: $1,500/month You can live a comfortable Taiwanese existence spending about $1500/month. If you are an English teacher, you can expect to make ... [Read more]

best book learn spanish

So, what's the best book for learning Spanish? It can be pretty hard to sort out. To get the best of the best, we asked 8 travelers and expats to share the books that helped them learn Spanish. Here are the top twelve: Submitted by: Chris Hoyt | LanguaTravel I organize Spanish immersion trips for a living, ... [Read more]

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