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The airlines are playing a game. An unfair one. And it all comes down to cookies. All online businesses have tools in place to offer you a better experience. They use a small file (called a "cookie") to manage the items in your shopping cart, personalize your experience by offering relevant content, and track the ... [Read more]


Oregano. It's much more than a seasoning for your favorite Italian dish. It's also a gas-buster. This isn't really dinner conversation: trapped gas on a long flight (but I know you've had it). You know the gas I'm talking about. The gas that makes you unbutton your pants during a long flight. The gas that builds up ... [Read more]

inside Ecuador blog

What happened to all of our Ecuador blog posts? Don't worry. They are still here. :) In fact, they became such a large part of the site - we decided to give them their own home. All of our Ecuador-related blog posts are now on their own blog: InsideEcuador. After almost five years of blogging, ... [Read more]

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