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the best book to learn spanish

What is the best book to learn Spanish? Choosing the best book can help accelerate your learning process. In this post, you'll read about 11 books for learning Spanish - and which one is our readers top choice. But first, a little about our methodology. While polls and surveys are okay, they aren't very accurate. Why? ... [Read more]

How to Say the Letters and Sounds in Spanish

Curious about how to say the letters and sounds in Spanish? Grab a coffee and lets learn this right now! This video will teach you the basic Spanish letters and sounds in less than 12 minutes. This is both a great introduction and review. Something I love about Spanish, is that the pronunciation is always ... [Read more]

family living abroad

In The Happy Expat Family I interviewed 16 expat families living all around the world. Something that stands out in each of the interviews is how each of the families benefited from the move. These are some of their comments. Enjoy! “I longed to follow an old dream of mine: to help women out of poverty. ... [Read more]

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