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Thinking about a move to Hoi An, Vietnam? What's the cost of living there? Rebekah Voss is an American currently based in Vietnam. Learn all about her cost of living in the city of Hoi An. My Hoi An, Vietnam cost of living: $550/month You could VERY easily spend less if you're willing to rough it - a one-room ... [Read more]

eat a mango

I didn't like mangoes in Canada. They never ripened, were expensive, and they tasted like soap. Mangoes sold at the supermarket were always hard. Just set it on the window ledge for a few days, they said. It'll ripen and be delicious, they said. Not true. Mangoes in Canada arrive hard and unripe. They then ... [Read more]

load balancing router

How's your internet? Depending on the country your internet might be good. Or it might be awful. More likely than not, it will be both slow and unstable. There are a number of factors working against you. Power cuts: In many countries, the power grid is not very stable. It doesn't take much to knock it out ... [Read more]

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