December 2010

New Fund-Your-Travels Series

Working Abroad

We often get asked about making money while traveling or living abroad. It's a great question. One we asked ourselves less than two years ago. When we moved to Ecuador, we had a ton of ideas but nothing concrete. We had just sold our advertising agency and had pockets full of cash. Okay maybe not. [...]

Another 5 Great Reasons to Travel (more cheekiness)

Our Perspective, Our Travels

Last week, I posted my top 7 reasons to travel. Well, there's more. Here are 5 more great reasons to pack your bags and leave the country. Satisfying Your Inner Hypochondriac The Ultimate Hermit Experience Messy Beds Reality TV Trumping Weight Loss 1. Satisfying Your Inner Hypochondriac Do you like to talk about your health [...]

Great Bike Shop in Cuenca – TecnoCyclo

Cuenca Ecuador

Just a couple days ago, Dena bought me a new bike. I feel like a kid back in grade school - a new bike, with reflectors and streamers and spokey-dokeys (you know, the plastic things on the spokes that make an annoying sound, but only when you go slow?) Well, they were fresh out of [...]

My New Wheels

Living in Ecuador

With my driving course behind me, it was time to get some wheels. Of course, without my license, I had to settle for the two-wheeled, self powered version (for now - I can still hear six cylinders calling out to me - more on that later). When we moved here, I couldn't bring my bike. [...]

How to Get an Ecuadorian Drivers License – Step 2

Living in Ecuador

On Sunday, I completed Step 2 of getting my Ecuadorian drivers license. I completed the seven-day driving course, with a planned 35 hours of learning.  Read Step 1 (The Paperwork). I'll be honest - I was dreading the week. I know how to drive. I've been driving for half my life and have always owned [...]

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