December 2011

Living Abroad: The Bad Days

Our Perspective

When we were planning our move abroad we didn't give much thought to bad days. We were focused on how amazing everything would be in Ecuador. And there has been a lot of amazing! But we have had our share of bad days as well. Days when we have felt lonely for family and friends [...]

Where to Stay in Cuenca: Villa Nova Inn

Cuenca Ecuador

We frequently get asked about lodging in Cuenca, and we don't have lots of experience with hotels here. But we have stayed at the Villa Nova Inn and we thought it was very nice. When we arrived we were a little surprised to find out that the staff spoke English.  That was a little treat [...]

How to Buy International Travel Insurance

Ecuador Travel, Our Perspective, Product Reviews

Update (February 11, 2017): The Ecuador's Federal Government is now requiring all visitors to have travel insurance upon arrival. Read this new law. Update (May 13, 2014): We published a new post entitled: 7 Travel Insurance Options for Expats & Travelers Just before we flew to Miami last month, a shot of fear went through me. Travel insurance! [...]

Is it Cold in Cuenca Ecuador?

Cuenca Ecuador, Living in Ecuador

Sometimes it's cold in Cuenca. It never snows in Cuenca, but sometimes it hails (tiny ice balls which melt when they hit the ground). When it’s overcast and damp it gets chilly.  I find myself shivering on days like that, but generally all I need to feel comfortable is a jacket, a pair of gloves [...]

Culture Shock in Canada – Our Trip Home

Our Perspective, Our Travels

After living in Ecuador without returning to Canada for two years, we had no plans for a visit back, but there we were in Canada! We had been living in Ecuador for two years on a temporary visa, but were in the midst of trying to get residency.  Just as we began the application process, [...]

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