January 2013

Photo of the Month: In the Clouds

Cuenca Ecuador, Ecuador Travel, Traveling Kids

Wow! What a view! That might be your reaction when you see the below picture. I got this picture on  the way down to Deleg, a small town just outside of Cuenca. I really love this picture. It looks like something you would find in a story book! You can see 3 different layers of clouds. Something essential about photography, is [...]

Expat Tax and Residency Issues: What's My Status!?

Living in Ecuador

Moving abroad can be a romantic thought. A new culture and a new language. Different foods and new friends. Moving abroad also opens up a new set of legal and tax requirements both in your home country and in your new one. When we first moved to Ecuador, our family was on a temporary visa [...]

The Butterfly Farm in Aruba, A Beautiful Place

Traveling Kids

The Butterfly Farm in Aruba is a great place to spend a couple of hours! Mom and Dad liked it too, but not as much as me. I felt like I could spend all day there! The place was absolutely covered in butterflies. Pictures can’t describe what it was actually like! But they can give [...]

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