June 2013

This is part of our Ecuador Expats Series. Do you live in Ecuador? Share your Story here.  The Expats: Mark Cowtan and family Ecuador Beaches: Capaes, on the Salinas peninsula in Santa Elena Province. We moved to Ecuador from Northern California, in Dec 2012 to a small beach community called Capaes on the Salinas peninsula, two [...]

4 Benefits of Ecuador's Residency Visa (Video)

Living in Ecuador

With six types of residency visas in Ecuador, there are no shortages of options. You can get a visa based on investment, your degree or your pension, among other options. But what are the benefits of getting a permanent visa in Ecuador? Extend your stay indefinitely Have all the rights of a citizen Processes (like [...]

Driving in Ecuador: Get Your License Fast

Living in Ecuador

So Dena has her Ecuadorian drivers license. And she didn't have to take a week long course, like I did to get my Ecuadorian license. More than a year ago, we heard about a new program by the ANT (Agencia Nacional de Tránsito), the national transit authority in Ecuador. Instead of taking a course, the program [...]

Update (October 2015): This product is no longer available.  Although we chose Ecuador, both Dena and I are fascinated with other areas and countries. Earlier today I finished watching the new DVD featuring the Nicaraguan beach town of San Juan del Sur by Michael Karsh. Last month we wrote about a new DVD featuring Granada, Nicaragua (read our full review). [...]

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