July 2014

How to Peel a Mango in 8 Seconds

Expat Hacks

Love mango but hate the mess? Here's how to get the fruit without having to eat over the kitchen sink. If you've ever tried to eat a mango, you know that it will take away almost all of your dignity. You know what I'm talking about. Yellow pulp on both cheeks and juice dripping off your [...]

Curious Galapagos Tortoise

Galapagos Islands, Traveling Kids

When I was going through my pictures from Galapagos I was surprised to find this one. You know how when you are on vacation you don't bother to look at the picture until, in this case, like a year later? It is so cool how curious he's looking at the camera; it's almost like he [...]

How To Avoid a Sunburn in Ecuador

Ecuador Travel, Galapagos Islands

Sun protection is very important while traveling in Ecuador - especially in the Andes. And it is even more important if you are living in Ecuador. The atmosphere is thinner at higher elevations and allows more harmful UV rays to get through. This puts you at higher risk of burns and other skin problems. The [...]

Ecuador News: 32 Local Daily Papers in Ecuador

Living in Ecuador

Get the latest Ecuador news direct from one of Ecuador's 32 daily newspapers. In this post, we share all the major daily newspapers in Ecuador. Every one of them is in Spanish. There are no English dailies in Ecuador. Don't read Spanish? No problem. Most expats and travelers are using Google translate to get their [...]

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