Another 5 Great Reasons to Travel (more cheekiness)

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Last week, I posted my top 7 reasons to travel. Well, there’s more. Here are 5 more great reasons to pack your bags and leave the country.

  1. Satisfying Your Inner Hypochondriac
  2. The Ultimate Hermit Experience
  3. Messy Beds
  4. Reality TV Trumping
  5. Weight Loss


1. Satisfying Your Inner Hypochondriac

Do you like to talk about your health problems?  You’ll never be at a loss if you travel.  You’ll be exposed to a whole new plethora of germs.  And if what you think you have doesn’t pan out, you can always chalk it up to the stress of traveling.


2. The Ultimate Hermit Experience

Maybe you’re the type that likes to hide out in the woods in a log cabin because you don’t like people all that much.  Traveling just might be what you’ve been looking for.  When you’re traveling in a foreign country you can be surrounded by people and yet still feel blissfully alone.  No one tries to talk to you, and you don’t feel like you have to interact because there’s this huge barrier there, language.  Granted this hermit experience only lasts as long as you can withstand the ever-present immersion taking place.  So in order to revel in this particular reason for travel, you can only stay in the same foreign language for approximately two months at a time.

3. Messy Beds

When you’re traveling you can go guilt free without making your bed!  You just get up, head out for the day, and when you come back it’s made.  Don’t ask me how it happens, but you just don’t know the joys of this phenomenon until you give it a try.  The absence of this daily chore really ads to your traveling experience, it kind of transports you back to your childhood when mommy made the bed and you didn’t have to worry about stuff like that.  You just might find that not making your bed will lead to other child like ventures you haven’t experienced for a long time.


4. Reality T.V. Trumping

While you’re traveling, at times you get the exhilaration that comes from watching reality T.V. shows, like Fear Factor and The Amazing Race, except there are no T.V. guys there to jump in and save you.  Fear Factor – You have to endure sitting next to the clogged bathroom for hours on the bus in the blistering heat, while the bus gets swarmed with food vendors at every traffic stop.  The food smells get mixed with the bathroom smells, everyone around you is eating, and you’re trying desperately to hold down your breakfast.  Amazing Race – You stand at the ticket counter for fifteen minutes waving your pre-purchased ticket in front of the flight attendant as she tells you over and over that there’s no more space on the plane, and if she lets you on it’ll fall right out of the sky (hand gestures and sound effects included).  You finally convince her, and as you run through security, pick up the tail end of boarding passengers, seat yourself and take a deep breath, you notice three empty seats in the rows ahead of you.  You smile to yourself and tell those reality T.V. guys to eat their hearts out.


5. Weight Loss

This is one of the most popular benefits of travel.  Unlike most weight loss programs where you have to watch what you eat, and deprive yourself of all that sweet yummy stuff, when you travel to a foreign country it’s just the opposite.  The more you don’t watch what you eat, the more weight you’ll lose.  Just be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that haven’t been washed in clean parasite free water.  And better yet, make sure to avoid the parasite killing solutions readily available at grocery stores.  By doing this right from the beginning of your travels, you’ll find that you will soon be able to eat whatever you want, whenever you want while the pounds just melt off.  Just be sure to schedule in plenty of bathroom time, trust me, you’ll be needing it.  Bathroom time is the secret to this program, and “bonus” you’ll have no problem conquering your vacation reading list.

(I would love to hear some of your favorite cheeky reasons for travel.  Please add to this list by commenting.)



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