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This is part of our My Life in Ecuador Series. Do you live in Ecuador? Share your Story here.  The Expats: Jacquie and Don Mackenzie Facebook: Jacqueline Zaleski Mackenzie Facebook: Don Mackenzie Blog: We moved to S.E. Ecuador, Chaupi in the Vilcabamba Valley, two weeks ago after living 2.5 years on the most western coastal [...]

This guest post about Ecuador pr visas is by Grace Velastegui of Idrovo & Velastegui Attorneys at Law located in Cuenca, Ecuador. Visit their page to learn more about them or ask a question. Note: Almost three years ago, we published the six types of permanent resident visas available in Ecuador. The following post is an updated [...]

When do I use the Spanish tú or usted? This a very common question that comes up among expats learning Spanish. Both tú and usted are Spanish for the word: you. Unlike in English, the word "you" in Spanish comes in two varieties: tú (informal) and usted (formal). And while the rules might seem straight forward, it won't be intuitive [...]

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