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electric shower head

Have you ever seen an electric shower? Culture shock can set in pretty fast the first time you see a shower head with wires sticking out of it! That's what happened to us. I didn't know if I should get in or not. That question was one of the first things that went through my ... [Read more]


Ever thought about hiking an active volcano? Sound crazy? If someone had told me a few years ago that I would be hiking active volcanoes in Ecuador, I would have laughed and said "nope, not me!" But that's exactly what I did - and it was spectacular. While traveling the Galapagos with Red Mangrove we ... [Read more]

expat family book

We are so excited about our first book! It took a lot of hard work and many long days. It's kind of hard to believe it's finally done. There's a lot of information online about expats doing cool stuff and living all over the place, but hardly anything about the specific challenges they face. And ... [Read more]


When a family starts thinking about extended travel or moving abroad they may start thinking about homeschooling. Homeschooling can be a hot topic. A lot of people have strong opinions about it. If you are thinking about making the switch to homeschooling, don't be put off by negative remarks. I can make positive, well-informed comments ... [Read more]


The sun in Ecuador is strong all year round. And because there is no winter (well, at least no ice, snow, and wind chill) we are outside a lot. We need to be very careful to avoid sunburn. When we first arrived in Ecuador, I wore the famed Panama hat (actually made here.) While they ... [Read more]


Are you learning a foreign language? One of the most frustrating things about language learning is finding the time for it. Learning a new language can seem overwhelming, especially if you are only exposed to it when you leave your house to pick up your groceries. But when you start listening to it in the ... [Read more]


Oregano. It's much more than a seasoning for your favorite Italian dish. It's also a gas-buster. This isn't really dinner conversation: trapped gas on a long flight (but I know you've had it). You know the gas I'm talking about. The gas that makes you unbutton your pants during a long flight. The gas that builds up ... [Read more]


Many people that move abroad are retired and don't need to work. This works out well when it comes to language learning because they have more time on their hands than people that need to work and take care of their children. We are hearing from more and more families planning to move abroad. It ... [Read more]


I just finished watching the Live or Retire Overseas: Granada Nicaragua DVD. Granada is one of the top choices for expats because of its low cost of living and warm climate. One of the difficulties in moving abroad is choosing where you will relocate to. There are so many choices! Traveling can be expensive so if ... [Read more]

Culture Sponge Logo

We are very happy to introduce you to our daughters blog: Culture Sponge. It's about travel and life abroad. Drew has been sharing some of her experiences living abroad here on GringosAbroad (in the Kids Abroad Series) and now she has started her own blog! She is excited to share her views about travel and life in Ecuador ... [Read more]

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