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Many people that move abroad are retired and don't need to work. This works out well when it comes to language learning because they have more time on their hands than people that need to work and take care of their children. We are hearing from more and more families that are looking to move ... [Read more]


I just finished watching the Live or Retire Overseas: Granada Nicaragua DVD. Granada is one of the top choices for expats because of its low cost of living and warm climate. One of the difficulties in moving abroad is choosing where you will relocate to. There are so many choices! Traveling can be expensive so if ... [Read more]

Culture Sponge Logo

We are very happy to introduce you to our daughters blog: Culture Sponge. It's about travel and life abroad. Drew has been sharing some of her experiences living abroad here on GringosAbroad (in the Kids Abroad Series) and now she has started her own blog! She is excited to share her views about travel and life in Ecuador ... [Read more]

high sierra 22inch wheeled backpack

We've been frequently asked about luggage - and what kind is the best. Going on a trip is one thing - moving all your stuff to your new country is something else. You really don't want any problems with burst zippers and damaged stuff. While we don't claim to know the best luggage we can ... [Read more]


One of the things we enjoy about living abroad is traveling. Ecuador is an amazing country to travel around, the beauty and diversity is astounding. We also like traveling to places that have some of the things we were used to from Canada. Big book stores like Chapters or Indigo, and the large grocery and ... [Read more]

A Machete in Ecuador

When we moved to Ecuador, our daughter was 8 years old and, there were a few things that we had to get used to in terms of culture shock that we hadn't anticipated. Every good parent is more paranoid for the safety of their children than for themselves.  With that in mind I would like to ... [Read more]


UPDATE (January 8, 2012): This post is not about common vaccines like the flu shot or childhood vaccines. We are not promoting routine vaccines, nor do we sell them, or have anything to do with the industry. This post is written for travelers who are concerned about protecting themselves from things like rabies and typhoid. Vaccinations ... [Read more]


Bryan, Drew and I really love our life here in Ecuador, but we certainly have had our bad days. Days when we really miss our family and friends, and how relaxing it is to just blend in and "speak easy" in English.  I love the Spanish language, but some days the frustration from not being ... [Read more]


After living in Ecuador without returning to Canada for two years, we had no plans for a visit back, but there we were in Canada! We had been living in Ecuador for two years on a temporary visa, but were in the midst of trying to get residency.  Just as we began the application process, ... [Read more]


On a sunny day in Summer one of our favorite places to spend the day is the Halifax Waterfront.  It's a great place to get a good dose of our maritime culture. The board walk is always a buzz with locals and tourists on the weekend when the weather is clear.  There is lots to ... [Read more]

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