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Living & Retiring in Ecuador

Ecuador is a popular relocation country. Although the city of Cuenca tops the list, expats are moving to towns and cities across Ecuador. In this series, learn all about the factors and angles involved in a successful move or retirement to Ecuador.

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There are two ways to use a cell phone in Ecuador. Plan or prepaid. In this post I'll give a break down of the three main carriers in Ecuador and the costs to use each one. In Canada, almost everyone we knew had a cell phone plan. It gave lots of talk time, no hassle and ... [Read more]

ecuador sunburn

Sun protection is very important while traveling in Ecuador - especially in the Andes. And it is even more important if you are living in Ecuador. The atmosphere is thinner at higher elevations and allows more harmful UV rays to get through. This puts you at higher risk of burns and other skin problems. The ... [Read more]

Ecuador news

Get the latest Ecuador news direct from one of Ecuador's 32 daily newspapers. In this post, we share all the major daily newspapers in Ecuador. Every one of them is in Spanish. There are no English dailies in Ecuador. Don't read Spanish? No problem. Most expats and travelers are using Google translate to get their ... [Read more]


This is part of our Expat Profile Series. Do you have a story? Share your Story here.  http://www.life-in-ecuador.com I live in Tena, Ecuador. We moved to Tena in 1998 and I have lived here off and on ever since. Most recently, we moved back to Tena after an extended trip the US in 2011. I was born in ... [Read more]


We were robbed. By two men with a gun and a knife in front of our house in Cuenca, Ecuador. And this post has taken me two years to write. The day after it happened I knew I would blog about it - I just didn't realize it would take me so long. We've referred ... [Read more]


Cell phones are expensive in Ecuador. As a result, many expats and travelers bring a phone with them. Not only is it less expensive but you can also have the latest technology. Importation restrictions and bans have limited the availability of reasonably priced phones. If you are planning on bringing a phone, there are a few things ... [Read more]


How do I choose good travel insurance? This is a question we get asked all the time. Which provider is best? How can I get coverage as a resident of Ecuador? Who covers Ecuador? I should note that we are not experts in travel insurance. But I've learned a lot since moving to Ecuador, and ... [Read more]


Everyone knows that boiling water kills the "stuff" in it. But how long should you boil it?  Before preparing this post, we boiled it for 20 minutes. We had read it somewhere and we faithfully boiled away - for the past 5 years. But we were wrong. 20 minutes is excessive. Not all boiled water is ... [Read more]


Ecuador loves cell phones. On average, every Ecuadorian has a cell phone. (According to the World Factbook by the CIA, Ecuador has 100 cell phones per 100 citizens.) But only 15% of Ecuadorians have a land line (in Spanish: telefonía fija or teléfono convencional). There are three mobile networks in Ecuador and they all (generally) work well. ... [Read more]


Coffee in Ecuador is an interesting paradox. It's produced here, but it is rather expensive and it can be hard to find a good cup. We have tried just about every brand / type available. We've tried supermarkets, the open markets and homemade (home roasted). We've found most to have a strong burnt taste and ... [Read more]

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