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If you're learning Spanish, you've probably heard of Madrigal's Magic Key To Spanish. It's our readers favorite Spanish learning book. We've seen 600+ purchases just from mentioning this book in an overview post. The week we arrived in Ecuador, someone loaned us their copy because they said it was the best book to get us started. It's the [...]

Travelers Rule #1: Don't drink the water! Everyone knows about travelers’ diarrhea. It is one of the most common and most embarrassing travel-related illnesses. Between 30% to 70% of travelers are affected, depending on the destination and season. Bad water can cause even more serious problems than a couple days of diarrhea. Certain amoebas and [...]

Update (October 2015): This product is no longer available.  Although we chose Ecuador, both Dena and I are fascinated with other areas and countries. Earlier today I finished watching the new DVD featuring the Nicaraguan beach town of San Juan del Sur by Michael Karsh. Last month we wrote about a new DVD featuring Granada, Nicaragua (read our full review). [...]

Live or Retire Overseas DVD: Granada Nicaragua

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Update (October 2015): This product is no longer available.  I just finished watching the Live or Retire Overseas: Granada Nicaragua DVD. Granada is one of the top choices for expats because of its low cost of living and warm climate. One of the difficulties in moving abroad is choosing where you will relocate to. There are [...]

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