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Dr. Jose Acosta: Our English Speaking Dentist in Cuenca

One of the difficult aspects of moving abroad was setting up a new network of contacts. We needed to find doctors, lawyers, dentists . . .

We are still building up our group of contacts. So when we find someone good we get kind of excited and want to tell everybody about it.

On that note, we found a really good dentist here in Cuenca. We met Dr. Jose Acosta when he asked Bryan to design a website for his business. As we got to know him, saw his office and the videos on his site we were impressed and decided that we should give him a try.


Starting Out Small – A Deep Cleaning

We started out with something simple, getting our teeth cleaned. Dr. Acosta cleaned very thoroughly, even cleaning under the gums. It was a little painful because some of my teeth are sensitive, but when he was finished my teeth felt so good! He also explained that by cleaning so deeply the gums and teeth would be healthier.

I also had some cavities so I had to go back a number of times to have them taken care of. I was really happy with his work so I decided to take an even bigger plunge.

Taking A Risk With Something Bigger, A Maryland Bridge Replacement

When I was little my brother and I were play-wrestling and he flipped me over his back. My face hit the floor and my front tooth popped out. So I have a Maryland Bridge (a fake tooth with wings coming off both sides that are cemented to the real teeth on each side) for my front top left tooth. When Dr. Acosta saw the way it was put in he told me that it was important to have it removed and have a new one installed correctly.

I never really liked the one I had anyway. There were dark shadows on my teeth from the metal wings of the bridge. So for cosmetic reasons as well as the health of my teeth I decided to have a new bridge put in. Dr. Acosta speaks English so that gave me confidence that if I had problems along the way I would be able to communicate clearly with him. A front tooth is kind of a big deal.

Dr. Acosta was right, the old bridge had been put in wrong and there was leakage behind it causing damage. Once the old bridge was removed he showed me the back of my front teeth, it was not a pretty sight.



Happy I Took The Plunge

Dr. Acosta did a really good job with my bridge. He had me back a number of times for fittings and even sent me to the lab to make sure the color was as close as possible.

I’m really happy, my bridge looks so much better! And now I know my other front teeth are not being damaged. Dr. Acosta used a different material for the wings of the bridge, so I no longer have the dark shadows on my front teeth.

We will continue to go to Dr. Acosta for all of our dental work, and recommend him to friends. Visit Dr Acostas site: EcuadorDentalCare.com

Have you had dental work done in Cuenca? Let us know about your experience by commenting on this post.

Note: This review is provided based on our own experience. Dr Acosta didn’t request this review or compensate us in anyway.

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  • Patricia Emmett January 4, 2014, 12:02 am

    I just wanted to give some updated feedback about Dr. Acosta! Especially after reading the negative response from another reader. I have been in Cuenca for over a month now and after getting quotes after visiting 4 different other recommended dentists in Cuenca I went with Dr. Acosta! I am thrilled and so glad I made the choice. The quotes from other dentists here varied from 7 thousand to 18 thousand dollars! Yikes…..BUT Dr. Acosta has begin to rebuild my entire mouth! I love that he only charges as he finishes each step. He began with 4 implants which he completed in one visit! Unbelievable! The cost was less than the price of 1 implant in the states! He is so considerate and professional it is such a change from the mess I left behind in Southern California! Thank you again for the recommendation I really appreciate all your advice, it has proved to make all the difference to my trip and future hope to move to Cuenca and becoming part of the ever growing Expat community here in Ecuador!

  • A. Gee December 28, 2013, 8:31 am

    I called Dr. Acosta’s office. First, the receptionist answered “halo” without identifying the office. Second, I asked for the price for a routine dental cleaning, no X-rays, & she quoted $65. That’s away too high. I have received offers thru Amazon in the U.S. for packages that include x-rays, for as low as $49. I went to another dentist who cleaned my teeth for $20.

    • Bryan Haines January 3, 2014, 9:34 pm

      Glad you found the lowest price option. Not everyone is looking for that. :)

  • Patricia Emmett August 7, 2013, 2:02 pm

    How does the cost compare to those in the states? I also need extensive work done such as bridge replacement and some implants and veneers, I have put it off due to US dentists price quotes were more than the cost of my condo in California???

  • Diana Ham April 19, 2013, 8:50 am

    I am into the 6th month of an extensive one year treatment plan with Dr. Acosta. Bone graft, implants, veneers, crowns…. the full meal deal, so to speak.I recommend him to anyone needing dental work.

  • David Turner September 23, 2012, 12:48 pm

    One more question: Any recommendation for a medical doctor- like for chronic illnesses? I guess we Americans are now going abroad for treatment because the American system is so fouled up for us. Thanks for your recommendation.

  • David Turner September 23, 2012, 12:46 pm

    I was in Cuenca back in May. It was obvious that I need a second home there. I plan to return in October in order to get treated by a dentist. I will take your recommendation and get an appointment with Dr. José Acosta.

  • Steve Sorkin August 9, 2012, 8:43 pm

    So, what was the cost of the cleaning, bridge work, etc.? And did he provide you with Novocaine, or some other med that would, at the very least, numb your mouth?



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