Complete Guide to Ecuador Travel & Relocation (GringosAbroad)

Drew Haines

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This is a common sight out in the Ecuador countryside: a poor little horse, loaded down with sugar cane. The sugar cane is not dry, like we originally thought, it is actually the fresh-cut sugar cane. So that would be like you carrying a backpack as long as you, filled with full water jugs; and ... [Read more]


Hey everyone! This week I've been feeling pretty tired, and I thought these sea lions were great examples of what I want to do over the weekend; except on a nice soft bed :P ! Sea lions are my favorite Galapagos animal, I even swam with one. What is your favorite Galapagos animal? Is it: sea lion ... [Read more]


I just love orchids! They are so beautiful. I think that this is a neat perspective of one, what do you think? This orchid was at the Cuenca orchidarium. I really liked it there! Here is another cool flower at the orchidarium. I hope you like my ppp series!!! Catch ya later Shutterbug ;)!


I love using Photoshop. I love Pelicans. I love collages. Presto! I love these Pelicans! They have such a variety of expressions. In the future I will be posting a tutorial on how to do these collages! These pelicans were at the fish market in the Galapagos on Santa Cruz Island. At the fish market ... [Read more]


When I was going through my pictures from Galapagos I was surprised to find this one. You know how when you are on vacation you don't bother to look at the picture until, in this case, like a year later? It is so cool how curious he's looking at the camera; it's almost like he ... [Read more]


A few weeks ago we went to El Sabor De Las Costeñitas Restaurant in Cuenca. I had pan-fried breaded corvina. It was amazing! Mom had pescado encocado (fish in a coconut sauce) and dad had Encebollado with shrimp. I am a sucker for sea food so I really loved this restaurant. It was a small ... [Read more]


Flamingos are really fun to shoot because they always look so funny! I mean seriously: they're pink, they have crazy long necks and they are just plain funny! These Flamingos are from Galapagos: When traveling, no matter where, always have your camara. If you don't you'll wish you did!

churrasco at coppelia

One day when we were in Cuenca we decided to get lunch at the Coppelia restaurant in the center of the city. We all got churrasco. This is a dish with beef, rice, fries, a salad, and sometimes avocado. This photo was taken with the Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS, I love this camera!


I love this tortoise!! I is sooo cool, the way it is just looking at me out of the corner of its eye! This tortoise was at the tortoise reserve on Santa Cruz in the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. And the photo was taken with my trusty Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS. Super ... [Read more]


This picture is really neat. It is so simple, yet so pretty. But the way I focused the camera made it even nicer. This photo was taken at the Cuenca Orchidarium, if you get to Ecuador, a must see!!! Thanks for reading. Catch ya later shutterbug ;) !

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