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How To Earn Passive Blog Income: Blogger Abroad



Update (June 18, 2015): BloggerAbroad has been renamed

Are you interested in earning a passive online income?

Making a living, while living abroad, is a topic that many of our readers want to learn about. It is one of the most common questions that we get asked. In fact, one of our most-popular non-Cuenca posts is: How Do You Earn a Living Abroad?

From our experience, blogging is one of the best ways to do that. As a result of what we’ve learned during our past three years of blogging, we are thrilled to launch our new blog: Blogger Abroad

In this post, you’ll learn about:

  • passive income
  • the best way to work while living abroad
  • what to expect from Blogger Abroad

But first, Who is Blogger Abroad For?

If you want to live (or travel) abroad but don’t have a pension, trust fund or money tree in the backyard, then this blog is for you.

Blogger Abroad is for people who want to enjoy a mobile lifestyle but still need to earn an income. In my opinion, working online is the best way to do that.

Getting a job overseas is fine, but it often doesn’t pay all that well – and you are trading time for money. Of course, this is how most people live their whole life and there is nothing wrong with that. But when you can get paid for the value you create – instead of the time it takes you to do something – you begin to create leverage.

Running an online business – which can include anything from a blog to selling digital training products – is an amazing way to generate passive income.

>> Visit: BloggerAbroad <<

Earn a Passive Income with Blogger Abroad


Blogger Abroad – Learn how to earn a passive blog income from anywhere in the world

What is Passive Income? 

As it sounds, passive income is income that can be generated when you are not working (passively). If you take a day off, your income continues to be generated. It is a thrilling concept.

Who Really Wants to Work While Living Abroad?

Many expats have some income from back-home. Either they are renting out their house, have investment or pension income or are living on savings. Regardless of income, many expats and travelers are looking for ways to supplement their current income. Others have no income and need to start from scratch. Either way, this can be done (and then some) with an online business.

Many of our readers are retired – or soon-to-be. There is also an equal (if not greater) number of young families and individuals. Many of our readers want to travel and/or live abroad but often don’t have the resources that allow it. Instead of saving up a chunk of money, why not create a business that will fund you as you travel? It’s a more sustainable approach – no more time limits and fears of “running out of money”.

Teaching English is one of the most common ways to earn a living abroad. And it works for thousands of people. While it is a good way to make friends with locals, it doesn’t pay very much. Here in Ecuador, a common wage is around $4/hour. Teaching English online can earn from $10 to $14 per hour. An online business can create more income, in less time, and without the commute or restricting work schedule.

While most retirees don’t need to work, especially when their money goes so much further, many still want something to keep them busy. Running an online business can also give people living on a fixed income some extra cash for travel or other stuff.

What can you expect from Blogger Abroad?

From Blogger Abroad:

Blogger Abroad is about earning online for travelers and expats. It provides the resources and motivation required to start and grow a successful online business and is different because the advice shared is based on real life experiences.

Blogger Abroad Is For You, If You Want To:

  • be location independent
  • quit your job
  • live or travel where and when you want.

Dena and I moved abroad with no work and little money. We have seen what works and what doesn’t through our own failures and successes. Unlike other “make money online” blogs, Blogger Abroad focuses on using the business to reach your significant life goals.

Here are some recent posts on Blogger Abroad:

Have you considered running an online business to fund your travels? What questions and concerns do you have? Please share them in the comments below.

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Meet the Author

Bryan Haines

Since moving to Ecuador in 2009, Bryan and Dena have made their living as bloggers. Bryan is a partner at Storyteller Media, a content marketing company for Canadian travel brands. He is founder of this site and co-founder of Click Like This - a photo tutorial blog.

9 comments… add one
  • elysia taylor Jan 12, 2016, 5:09 pm

    Thanks,I know I can use all the help I can get figuring out how to make money online. My D-day for Cuenca is 6/2018. I will be spending 6 month in Ecuador and 6 months in U.S.. My other half has 6 more years till retirement. They say to try it out first before buying. I’ve visited twice and loved it, but we went to Cotacachi, we loved it there but it had no
    activities. and we need entertainment and stuff to do. So for rambling. Thanks for listening. Lee

  • T. Wade Nov 5, 2014, 6:31 am

    A friend shared your site with me and I’m so glad he did. I enjoyed reading about your travels and blogging information. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Robert Archibald Mar 10, 2014, 6:14 pm

    I currently write an underviewed home brewing blog at I admit it has been a while since I posted anything new on this.
    We are coming to Cuenca in less than 3 weeks to check it out. If we do end up retiring in Equador, I would like to start a travel blog to compliment and promote the home brewing blog
    I think the problem with my current blog is no promotion and probably the hosting site. How do you go about promoting to drive traffic to your site?

  • T. Michael Rearic (mike) Jan 28, 2013, 1:56 pm

    It is as if you were reading my mind. been following your site for a while now and I think you hve really nailed it. This is what most of us poor expat-wanna-bees have been looking for. I am truly looking forward to reading all your posts on how to really generate some kind of income abroad by using the internet. I started after discovering your site to do just that, but quickly discovered that it takes actual knowledge and experience to make some money. I thank you for staring the new blog.
    Sincerely, Mike Rearic
    Fuquay-Varina, NC

    • Bryan Haines Jan 28, 2013, 2:00 pm

      Thanks Mike – we’ve got lots of great stuff planned. GringosAbroad is going to remain expat and travel information – and BloggerAbroad is going to cover making money online.

      All the best!

  • Denise Toepel Jan 27, 2013, 10:01 pm

    I want to write a blog that is a little different from everyone else’s, yet still answer questions that people have. In a more like an Instagram format, but with more content. I would love to have some days that show ” a pictures is worth a million words”. I love humor too. Yours especially! Do you think it’s

    • Bryan Haines Jan 27, 2013, 10:08 pm

      Sounds like a good format. If you can provide great content in a unique way, you’ll do well. I like the idea – please let me know as it progresses.

  • Ralph Sabean Jan 27, 2013, 8:28 pm

    I’m not certain how you mean I could make money online. One way I know is by doing surveys. Also if you affiliate for companies you are supposed to earn some money but you need very good programming so they know that you know what is being accessed so you will actually get paid. In long term if you are a writer you can put short stories on your blogs and test to see if people like your style of writing. I have a couple stories on and I know some people bought books but I never even got conformation let alone money or even acknowledgement of people wanting to read my stories. You can write free articles to get to know how well you write.
    You do need honest people to help you not put you down or discriminate perhaps because you may not have the training they do. I real writer has heart and can put his thoughts into words. I enjoy writing what I know and also I do like creating imaginary characters and write stories about them. I do enjoy your blogs and hope to get one going myself that will pay me some how. I have a small page on face book that has animal pictures from Nova Scotia and it seems to be well like. I started it with a few goose pictures but now it has pictures from all over the place even Ecuador I believe. It will for sure when I return back to NS. TTYS

    • Bryan Haines Jan 27, 2013, 10:12 pm

      There are a number of ways to generate income from a blog. I’ll be covering it in detail later in the week on Blogger Abroad.

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