How To Make Better Photos (With Your Current Camera) – “Getting Out of Auto” Book Review

getting_out_of_auto_AD_300x2501As a travelers and expats we get to see lots of great new things. Since moving to Ecuador, our photography has significantly improved – we’ve taken more than 15,000 photos since arriving two years ago.

Sometimes we travel with our large dSLR cameras – other times just a simple point and shoot.  Really depends on the trip and and the subject. Dena’s Canon point and shoot camera takes amazing photos.

Either way – whether you are traveling for fun or work – as expats or travelers – a great set of photos is an awesome way to remember the trip and share it with others. If it is for work, it can make the difference of your writing being just acceptable to being outstanding.

Improve Your Pictures with Your Current Camera

Christine Gilbert – fellow travel blogger/photographer – just released an amazing how-to guide (written by Bethany Salvon) for great photography with your current camera: Getting Out of Auto. Regardless of what type of camera you are using, Christine explains how to take (or make) better photos in just minutes.

I really like the simplicity of how she explains the aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I have other books which dedicate dozens of pages to explain what she does in just a few. And I understood it better from her book…

The diagrams and comparison photos reinforce the principles being taught and make it not only easy to understand but (just as important) easy to remember.

The book is priced at $9.99 – and will improve the quality and composition of all of your photos – with the camera you currently own. Improve your photography today with instant download.

I highly recommend this book – I can’t wait to put to use some of the tips and pointers Christine covers in the book.

Have you read it? Share your review in the notes below.


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