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Site Stats and Press Info

bryan-pizza-cuenca-ecuadorWe cover two primary topics here on GringosAbroad:

  • Expat Life: Bryan & Dena cover expat hacks, language learning, earning abroad, and product reviews. Read about the best gear, places to live, and cost of living.
  • Ecuador Life and Travel: Complete Guide to Ecuador Travel and Relocation. Built for both expats and travelers, GringosAbroad covers food, things to do, cities (Cuenca, Quito, Salinas, Galapagos) real estate, expat living & news.

GringosAbroad is one of the largest English language sites about Ecuador. {See stats below} The site was launched in November 2009. Since then, the site has grown into one of the most popular English sites about Ecuador living and travel. We accept trips and reviews that are a good fit for our readers. We’re always interested in hearing your ideas.

Contact us to discuss advertising, product reviews, and press trips.

Advertising on GringosAbroad

We offer display advertising and sponsored email blasts. Please contact us to discuss availability and costs.

Site Traffic (by Google Analytics)

{Stats last updated: July 28, 2016}

Monthly Page-views: 69,557
Monthly Unique Visitors: 36,153 
Average time on site per visit: 1:53
Average pages visited per visit: 1.58

Our readers are primarily based in the United States followed by Ecuador and Canada. Here are the location demographics for our site:

  • United States: 57.00%
  • Ecuador: 12.83%
  • Canada: 7.16%
  • United Kingdom: 4.45%
  • India: 2.25%
  • Australia: 1.27%

Parque-Paraiso bryan and dena

Our Community

We maintain social profiles for each of our sites, on each of the main social networks. First number shown is total between the two sites.

Our Content

Number of Posts: 496
Number of Comments: 10,439 (21+ comments/post)
We’ve been blogging since November 2009. Since then, our content has been read 3,521,515 times by 1,105,120 different readers (unique visitors).

Where we’ve been featured:

Contact us to discuss reviews and press trips. We have, and will continue to accept, trips and reviews that are a good fit for our readers. We’re always interested in hearing your ideas.

Press Trips

We accept familiarization (or press) trips if the experience will be of interest and useful for our readers.

Here are a few stipulations on press trips:

  1. We will not accept payment for press trips.
  2. We will not pay for press trips, including transportation and meals.
  3. We are a family of three and we always travel together. Our articles always cover the perspective of a traveling family.
  4. We maintain complete control of content. If something was good, bad, fantastic or unacceptable we’ll write that. Providing a press trip is no guarantee of a positive review.

dena-haines-galapagosPrevious Press Trips

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