One week ago today we (along with 7 large bags of luggage, 2 bikes and our dog) left Ecuador, and not just for a vacation. It was very difficult and emotional for our whole family. The Sunday before, we packed everything and sold off all our belongings. Many of our friends came over to see ... [Read more]


This is part of our Expat Life Series. Do you have a story? Share your Story here. Gabon Expat Life: Jay St John, Port Gentil West Africa  The Expat: Jay St John Blog: Twitter: @theretohereblog We are currently living in Port Gentil, Gabon in West Africa and we've been here for close to 2 years. (Update July 2012: They are ... [Read more]


This is part of our Expat Life Series. Do you have a story? Share your Story here.  The Expats: Karin and Kieran Blog: Facebook: KandKadventures Twitter: @KandKadventure Toronto, Ontario. We moved to St Clair West/Bathurst area 2 months ago. Before that we were living up North in the French River working at a seasonal Lodge until end of last year. ... [Read more]


After living in Ecuador without returning to Canada for two years, we had no plans for a visit back, but there we were in Canada! We had been living in Ecuador for two years on a temporary visa, but were in the midst of trying to get residency.  Just as we began the application process, ... [Read more]


On a sunny day in Summer one of our favorite places to spend the day is the Halifax Waterfront.  It's a great place to get a good dose of our maritime culture. The board walk is always a buzz with locals and tourists on the weekend when the weather is clear.  There is lots to ... [Read more]


One of the things we miss from Canada, while living in Ecuador is Nova Scotia Fish and Chips.  The fish is usually haddock, fresh, sweet white meat.  And they serve it deep fried in a light crispy batter that's soooo good! Depending on where you eat it, sometimes the batter has beer or other secret ... [Read more]


Earlier this week, we blogged about Cows Ice Cream - they make Canada's best ice cream - hands down. No one is disputing this fact (except the competition, of course - sorry guys). Cows Ice Cream had a pretty neat sign in their window. We had lots of time to read it - the line ... [Read more]


Cows Ice Cream is one of our favorite treats while visiting back home in Canada.  It's said to be among the best ice cream in the world.  It is definitely among the best I've ever tasted! Readers Digest Magazine voted it the best ice cream in Canada! The branding that Cows has established is rather ... [Read more]


Things we miss: fish & chips One of the best things in Nova Scotia (in our opinion) is a basket of fish and chips on the Halifax Waterfront. Imagine the smell of salt air mixed with cotton candy and seafood. A couple of weeks ago some Ecuadorian friends cooked something similar to this - fish ... [Read more]

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