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Panorama of Santuario Hibiscus, Yunguilla Valley Ecuador

Buying and renovating a house is on the top of many expats to-do lists. In this video, expats Fran and Dan Pederson talk about their experience in renovating their home (and guesthouse - Santuario Hibiscus) located in Yunguilla Valley - south of Cuenca, Ecuador. Read our full review of Santuario Hibiscus Guesthouse (complete with two hd ... [Read more]


Many expats moving to Ecuador use property purchase for the basis for their residency visas. As with most things, there are some specifics to keep in mind. The rules and nuances of real estate in Ecuador are likely very different from your home country. In this video interview, Grace Velastegui, an immigration lawyer in Cuenca Ecuador, discusses ... [Read more]


This is a guest post by an American expat living in Cuenca since 2007.  From time to time I run across articles on certain web sites that advertise Cuenca, Ecuador as a: "Top 10 retirement destination where a couple can live on as little as $600.00 per month." However, some expats suffer sticker shock when ... [Read more]


This is a guest post by an American expat living in Cuenca since 2007. Update (October 8, 2012): Here is a link to Ecuador's Tenancy Act / Ley de Inquilinato Ecuador. It is in Spanish and in pdf format. To find more references, just google "ecuador ley de inquilinato". A reader suggested that the content of this post ... [Read more]


What's up with House Hunters International in Cuenca? If you have seen the episode we did with House Hunters International (HHI) you may be a little confused. If you are, we can understand why. HHI contacted us after reading Gringos Abroad because they wanted us to reenact our initial move to Cuenca Ecuador. So that ... [Read more]


Can you recommend a real estate agent in Salinas? We want to build a complete listing of all the agents and agencies in Salinas Ecuador. One of our popular posts is one from last year where we covered a couple great real estate deals in Salinas. Learn more about Ecuador real estate. Perfect! You can submit ... [Read more]


Can you recommend a real estate agent in Cuenca? We want to build a complete listing of all the agents and agencies in Cuenca Ecuador. We are frequently asked about real estate here in Cuenca. But we don't know many agents - because we haven't used one before. What we are looking for, is a ... [Read more]


Our episode aired February 15th. Check out: Behind the Scenes: House Hunters in Cuenca Ecuador This week we finished filming a House Hunters International episode in Cuenca. This part was our house-hunting component which was shot Sunday through Tuesday. Our back-story (the why of our move) was shot while we were in Miami last month. ... [Read more]


Candid information about Cuenca can be hard to find (aside from here, of course). Sometimes its hard to even find the local papers online. There are two primary newspapers in Cuenca. El Mercurio & El Tiempo Something to keep in mind. The papers in Ecuador tend to state, for example, planned changes to the law as ... [Read more]


This is a guest post by an American expat living in Cuenca since 2007.  Many expats come to Ecuador looking for a new way of life and envision themselves living in their dream home perched in a lush valley alongside a mountain stream. That is certainly an attractive vision but not necessarily in touch with ... [Read more]

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