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So, what's the best book for learning Spanish? It can be pretty hard to sort out. To get the best of the best, we asked 8 travelers and expats to share the books that helped them learn Spanish. Here are the top twelve: Submitted by: Chris Hoyt | LanguaTravel I organize Spanish immersion trips for a living, ... [Read more]


So here's the concept: set aside the books and really learn Spanish. It is true that books are important. But they offer limited value in pronunciation and flow of the language. With an audio program like Pimsleurs you can learn Spanish in just 30 minutes a day. Or like in the video - learn it ... [Read more]


Many people that move abroad are retired and don't need to work. This works out well when it comes to language learning because they have more time on their hands than people that need to work and take care of their children. We are hearing from more and more families planning to move abroad. It ... [Read more]


We knew before we moved to Ecuador that we were Gringos. And we have been called Gringos frequently - by store clerks, friends and even strangers on the street. I've gotten so used to it, I describe myself to Ecuadorians as "el Gringo" because its the easiest way to describe who I am. In a ... [Read more]

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Let me preface this post: I am a Canadian in Ecuador. While I don't pretend to understand the implications or etymologies of racial/cultural slang, I am familiar with this one from my perspective, from the three years we've been in Ecuador. When we first arrived in Ecuador, we were referred to as Gringos and subsequently began referring ... [Read more]


Despite Ecuador being a Spanish country, we are asked if it's necessary to learn Spanish before moving. The short answer is: "No, you don't have to learn before you move." We didn't and we got by fine. But if you do learn Spanish (even in a basic form) before you move, life will be much easier. And ... [Read more] logo small

If you are bilingual then this one is for you. has recently added a Spanish language channel to their über popular site. Currently they have about 30 Spanish topics live and will be adding significantly more throughout the year. The requirements are simple. You must be fluent in Spanish - because all the writing ... [Read more]

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When we moved here a year and a half ago we didn't know any Spanish, we've enjoyed experiencing immersion for the first time, but there have been some difficulties along the way. One of the best ways we find to deal with these kinds of difficulties is to tap into our sense of humor. I've ... [Read more]

View of Quito

It has often been said that total immersion in a foreign language is the best way to learn, and while this is definitely true, lessons certainly help.  But with such a huge learning curve, the biggest question is, where to start? We have tried all kinds of different lessons, Rosetta Stone, audio lessons, podcasts, books, ... [Read more]

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