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So Dena has her Ecuadorian drivers license. And she didn't have to take a week long course, like I did to get my Ecuadorian license. More than a year ago, we heard about a new program by the ANT (Agencia Nacional de Tránsito), the national transit authority in Ecuador. Instead of taking a course, the program ... [Read more]

New Quito International Airport

Author Bio: Domenick Buonamici is the owner of the new Quito Airport Suites, just minutes from the main entrance of the new airport in Quito, Ecuador.  See more at AirportHotelQuito.com When flying to Ecuador, you only have two options, you can fly into Guayaquil or Quito. This week on February 20th, 2013 the new international airport ... [Read more]


Not that long ago I wrote about some of the unique driving techniques in Ecuador. Well, thanks to a set of new laws things have dramatically improved. Earlier this week there was an article in the Cuenca paper that gives some new statistics for accidents since the new laws went into effect on July 23, ... [Read more]

"Cab", (C) fiat luxe, Photographer Rebecca Smith. Used under creative commons license.

If you are just learning Spanish, what is the best way to handle taxis in Cuenca? There have been some claims that taxi drivers overcharge Gringos - and in some cases that might be the case.  But generally, we haven't found that to be true. It seems that more often than not, people just don't ... [Read more]


Its a noble idea. Avoid taking taxis and buses and buy your own vehicle. If you had a vehicle back home - why not buy a car here too?

The price of gas is super low (USD$1.48/gallon) and it isn't that hard to buy a vehicle here. Of course, many expats swear off driving after they arrive. Usually for one of two reasons:


We are frequently asked about the costs to run a vehicle here in Ecuador. Of course, the specifics will depend on the type of vehicle you purchase and where you have it serviced - just like in any other country. To give you an idea, here are our vehicle costs: These are actual costs, but ... [Read more]

price of gas in ecuador

A reader recently asked on Twitter: What does fuel cost in Ecuador? A lot is said about cost of living in Ecuador. It is true that the cost of rent and food is less - but that can be harder to quantify. Gas is gas. What does it cost to fill your tank? Fuel is ... [Read more]


By one taxi drivers estimation (he is an organizer for some of the strikes in the past) there are more than 3000 pirate taxi drivers in Cuenca compared to the 5000 licensed ones. Now the term “pirate” might bring to mind eye patches, parrots and chests of gold. Or maybe just a criminal. Neither is exactly ... [Read more]


It seems that some expats in Cuenca are spreading some unusual Cuenca taxi rates online. Such as: the fixed $2 rate. I hate to disappoint, but it doesn’t exist. There has never been, and never will be a fixed rate for a whole city. Its bizarre even to think about it. Have you ever heard ... [Read more]


There is a paradox regarding taxis in Cuenca. Virtually every taxi has a taxi meter (or is at least wired for one) but no one – not a one – uses them. Its fun to joke with some of the friendlier taxi drivers about it. They’ve told me that it is the law, but because ... [Read more]

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