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Appettito Bakery / Cafe in Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca is famous for it's bread, there are bakeries all over the city. We love walking around the city and catching the smell of fresh bread in the air. It's hard to resist stopping in and picking up something. We recently went for a walk down Avenida Don Bosco in Cuenca and stopped in to [...]

If you’re moving to a foreign country, then what your kids are going to do there, will probably be a concern. I was a little worried about that when we moved here. What was I going to do all day (aside from school)? Well, here are a few great places that I love to go: [...]

Last week we were invited by David Verdugo to visit his restaurant / brew pub here in Cuenca. While we are grateful for the fine meal we were served, the review remains independent and completely our own words and views. Visit the Andean Brewing Company on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. See map at bottom of the post (below the video). Last week, [...]

Nova Scotia Fish and Chips – More Canadian Treats

Our Travels

One of the things we miss from Canada, while living in Ecuador is Nova Scotia Fish and Chips.  The fish is usually haddock, fresh, sweet white meat.  And they serve it deep fried in a light crispy batter that's soooo good! Depending on where you eat it, sometimes the batter has beer or other secret [...]

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