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Where to Stay in Quito

where to stay in quitoWe were looking forward to our trip to Quito and the city was much nicer than we were thinking it was going to be.  We found a really nice place to stay in the North side of the city, an apartment with all the necessities, and then some.

When we vacation, we look for apartments or condos where we can cook and be self sufficient.  This apartment was just what we were looking for.  It had everything, there was even food in the fridge so we could prepare breakfast the next morning before heading out to look for the supermarket.  There was a hair dryer, iron, washer/dryer, coffee maker (very important) extra bedding and towels. . . it even came with one of those little caddies full of those little bathroom things that are easy to forget.  Can you tell how impressed I was with the attention to detail?  That can be a little hard to find in a foreign country.  The only complaint I have is that the living room furniture was not very comfy, but the televisions were in the bedrooms anyway.  The only time you sit down on vacation is to eat or watch TV, right?  So maybe that’s why, they have stiff living room furniture to encourage exploration of their beautiful city :)

The location was very nice as well.  We could walk to the mall (mall del Jardin) and other shopping areas, Carolina and El Ejido Parks restaurants and cafes, all within a half hour of the apartment.  The area was relatively quiet, and we felt safe walking around this part of the city.  It was a very clean, modern looking area.

The apartment had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and it costs $400 for a week.  It has good security, wonderful showers, a nice view and a Haines family looking forward to going back. The caretaker will pick you up at the airport for $10, included in that price (at least if you ask) is a quick explanation of some of the choice spots to visit around the apartment, and the tourist attractions in the city.  We arrived at night and really appreciated being picked up, it took some of the stress out of arriving in a city we were unfamiliar with.

If you’re going to be visiting Ecuador and are looking for where to stay in Quito, I would definitely recommend this apartment.

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where to stay in quito

where to stay in quito

where to stay in quito

Check out the views from the 5th floor apartment!

where to stay in quito

where to stay in quito

where to stay in quito

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  • Angela and Jamie Hally April 3, 2012, 5:28 pm

    Hello Bryan and Dena: Jamie and I, we would love to be in touch with you and meet you sometime soon. We are in Quito if there is anything you might need, we would love to share what we know about this beautiful city. We have a room for rent in our appartment as well with private bathroom. We live in Cumbaya, walking distance to shops and restaurants.
    Hope you had a great experience here, we love it here.

    Jamie and Angela

    • Bryan Haines April 3, 2012, 5:50 pm

      Hi Angela and Jamie – nice to meet you! How long have you been in Quito? Are you both from Canada? Would love for you to share your expat story – it’s a great way to document your move – and generate lots of traffic for your site.

      Thanks again,


  • Nancy October 27, 2011, 1:18 am

    What hotel, etc would you recommend in Quito as a safe local when flight will be arriving in the evening? we plan to travel on to Cuenca the next day, but want to stay in Quito that night…Thanksgiving evening! Is there a place that has rooms, AND maybe good food too?(a Thanksgiving type dinner perhaps even?) We are planning on flying from Quito to Cuenca…Hubby is concerned that land trip might be too long…and perhaps a bit dangerous?
    Thank you

    • Bryan Haines October 27, 2011, 7:47 am

      Hi Nancy – I would recommend this one (above). They accept one night stays and its really nice – they’ll even send someone to pick you up. Otherwise, I would suggest you check some of the main name hotels. I really don’t know the other hotels – we’ve only stayed at this one.

      In terms of safety, I can’t really say either way – it if is safe or dangerous – we’ve always flown to Quito. Speaking from experience from driving over much of the rest of the country, it as safe (in terms of crime) as anywhere else in the world. The actual roads are more dangerous (in my opinion) than those in the US or Canada. We are in Miami right now, and I have never been so comfortable and relaxed (even on the 6 lane highways) as I am here. Everyone follows the rules of the road – its actually a little hard to get used to. You might find the shock of the style of driving the hardest part.

  • Ginna Zgraggen April 30, 2012, 11:41 pm

    I agree with you, the apartment is very comfortable, thank you very much for your advices, they did really help us a lot in our trip, our trip to Quito was a success. Thank you again.




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