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Living in Ecuador

Learn About Ecuador Living

Learn about getting started, where to live in Ecuador, daily life, living in Ecuador as a family and getting settled. This is what you’ve been looking for.

Ecuador travel guide

Learn About Ecuador Travel

Travel Ecuador with us! Learn about Quito, Salinas, Guayaquil, Cuenca and the Galapagos Islands. We also have sections about Ecuador food and wildlife.

Cuenca Ecuador

Guide to Cuenca Ecuador

Learn about life and travel in Cuenca Ecuador. This free guide covers food, attractions, expat life and general information.

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Waved albatross

25 Waved Albatross Facts: Largest Galapagos Bird (It has 8ft Wingspan!)

The waved albatross is the largest bird in the Galapagos Islands. In this post, you'll learn 25 facts about the waved albatross, including diet, wingspan, mating habits (including a special mating dance), range and more. Plus lots of photos and ...
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Blue footed booby poop nest

43 Blue-footed Booby Facts: Dancing, Dive Bombing Clowns (Sula nebouxii)

The blue-footed booby has become the unofficial mascot of the Galapagos Islands. In this post, you'll learn 43 blue-footed booby facts, including dancing and mating rituals, diet, dive bombing feeding habits, range and more. Plus tons of photos and videos ...
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Red footed booby

25 Red-footed Booby Facts: Color Morphs, Tree Clinging Webbed Feet… (Sula sula)

Red footed boobies are one of the most unique birds that you'll find in the Galapagos Islands. In this post, you'll learn 25 red-footed booby facts about color morphs, three subspecies, unique features, range, size, and more. Plus lots of ...
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Nazca booby open mouth

26 Nazca Booby Facts: Galapagos Islands Largest Booby (Sula granti)

Nazca boobies are the largest of the booby birds in the Galapagos Islands. In this post, you'll learn 26 Nazca booby facts - from range, diet, mating rituals, and obligate siblicide (yes, it's as scary as it sounds). Plus lots ...
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best luggage scale

9 Best Luggage Scales for International Travelers (Buyers Guide) Digital, Manual, Electronic

We've all been there. Balancing our huge bag on the bathroom scale and trying to see the weight. Then frantically moving stuff between bags at the airport to meet their weight limits. In this post, you'll learn how to weigh ...
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swallow tailed gulls nocturnal

28 Swallow-tailed Gull Facts: World’s Only Fully Nocturnal Gull and Seabird

Curious to learn about these nocturnal seabirds with night vision? In this post, you'll learn 28 facts about the swallow-tailed gull, found primarily in the Galapagos Islands. We include diet, size, mating, range, and how they manage to hunt at ...
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Best dry bags

13 Best Dry Bags for Adventurers (Waterproof Bags for Galapagos and Amazon Treks)

Trying to find the best waterproof dry bag? In this post, you'll learn how to choose the best dry bag for your adventure. Plus our picks for the best dry bags - including waterproof barrel roll-top, large barrel, backpacks, phone ...
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Galapagos hawk

22 Galapagos Hawk Facts: Diet, Range, Size, Population… (Buteo galapagoensis)

In this guide, you'll learn 22 facts about the Galapagos hawk. They include diet, range, size, endangered status, mating habits and more. Curious about which islands the Galapagos hawks live on? And if they are hard to photograph? I cover ...
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Anti theft backpack

21 Best Anti-Theft Backpacks and Locks (And Other Paranoid Travel Gear)

So you're heading out on your big trip and are concerned about theft? In this post, you'll learn about the best anti-theft backpacks and locks that'll reduce the odds of losing your gear to a pickpocket. We cover all the ...
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King vulture

34 King Vulture Facts: World’s Most Colorful Vulture (Sarcoramphus papa)

Have you heard about Ecuador's king vulture? In this post, you'll learn 34 king vulture facts, including diet, size, wingspan, habitat, unique features and more. Plus lots of photos of the world's most colorful vulture. Travel tip: If you’re traveling ...
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Vampire fish

29 Vampire Fish Facts: Meet Amazon’s Payara (Hydrolycus Scomberoides)

Curious about the mysterious vampire fish? In this post, you'll learn 29 vampire fish facts, including diet, size, habitat, and more (you'll also see some pretty great photos). The vampire fish (also known as payara fish) live in the Amazon ...
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Emerald Tree Boa

45 Emerald Tree Boa Facts (Guide to Both Species) Diet, Habitat, Babies, Photos, Pets

Interested in the emerald tree boa? In this post, you'll learn 45 emerald tree boa facts - about both species. Including their diet, range, giving birth (yes - with a video!), and much more. Plus lots of photos. Safety tip: ...
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Harpy Eagle

36 Harpy Eagle Facts: World’s Most Powerful Eagle (Harpia harpyja)

Looking for details about the magnificent harpy eagle? In this post, you'll find 36 harpy eagle facts, including size, strength, talons, range and more. Plus tons of photos and videos. As you go eagle spotting, don't forget a pair of binoculars ...
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Portable water filter

7 Best Portable Water Filters for South America [Buyers Guide]

Concerned about safe water in South America? This post will help. In this article, you'll learn how to choose the best portable water filter or purifier for your trip (including the 8 features to consider). And I shortlist the 7 ...
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Black caiman

36 Black Caiman Facts: Amazon’s Huge Apex Predator (Melanosuchus niger)

Did you know that the Amazon jungle is home to giant black caimans? These apex predators can reach lengths of more than 14 feet and over 1000 lbs. In this post, you'll learn 36 black caiman facts, including their habits, ...
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Pygmy marmoset

31 Pygmy Marmoset Facts: Guide to Finger Monkeys (Cebuella pygmaea)

Are finger monkeys real? Yes they are! In this post, you'll learn 31 pygmy marmoset facts with a focus on wild finger monkeys (that live in Ecuador). We also cover common questions about keeping finger monkeys as pets. Plus tons ...
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Ecuador desserts

16 Ecuador Desserts You Need to Try! [Pictures, Videos, Recipes…]

Are you looking for some amazing Ecuador desserts? Then you're in the right place! Here are 16 of our favorite Ecuadorian desserts, including photos, videos, and step by step recipes. And if you weren't looking for desserts, stay anyway because these ...
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Best compact binoculars for birding

9 Best Compact Binoculars for Hikers and Birders (Buyers Guide)

Looking for the best binoculars for your trip? Here are the 9 best compact binoculars for hikers, birders, and adventurers. Our buying guide covers 10 factors to consider before you buy compact binoculars for your adventure. Choose the Best Binoculars for ...
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Ecuador expats

Learn from 32 Ecuador Expats

In this huge guide, you’ll meet 32 expats in Ecuador. While it’s great to read books about expat life, nothing replaces first hand experience.

Best way to learn Spanish

Best Way to Learn Spanish

Looking for the best way to learn Spanish? This guide will help you learn about the primary ways to learn Spanish, and help you choose the one that’s best for you.

Galapagos Islands animals

17 Galapagos Island Animals

Planning a trip to the Galapagos? Here are 17 amazing Galapagos Islands animals to watch for on your next trip! This traveler’s guide to the animals of the Galapagos will whet your appetite for adventure.

Best camera for travel

How to Choose the Best Camera for Travel

Here’s how to choose the best camera for travel – for activities like cruises, hiking, wildlife trekking, and snorkeling. You’ll learn about the 6 type of cameras and 7 factors to consider when choosing. Plus photography tips, gear suggestions, and much more.

what is Ecuador famous for

16 Things That Make Ecuador Famous

So, what is Ecuador famous for? In this post you’ll find out what makes Ecuador famous – the people, places, and things that have put Ecuador on the map.

facts about quito ecuador

17 Facts About Quito Ecuador

Thinking about a trip to Quito? Here are some of our favorite facts about Quito. We’re going to learn about volcanoes, location, sister cities, airport, seasons, altitude sickness, and a lot more!

22 Best Ecuador Beaches

Looking for a great beach in Ecuador? In this post, we’ll cover 22 Ecuador beaches worth visiting. Plus details on the best beach towns in the country. We begin the post with our picks for the 3 best beaches in Ecuador.

Best sun protection hat

UV Index in Ecuador (Plus Recommended Gear)

It’s no secret that the equatorial sun is harsh. In this guide, you’ll learn about the UV index in Ecuador and how to choose the best sun protection hats. We also answer commonly asked questions about sun protection. And we include our top picks for the best sun protection hats.

Indigenous tribes in the Ecuador Amazon

8 Things to Know Before Visiting the Amazon Rainforest

Are you thinking about visiting the Ecuador Amazon? In this post, we’ll cover 8 things you should know before you visit Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest. You’ll learn about yellow fever risk, the climate, accommodations, safety, and more.

Otavalo tour

11 Things to Know When Visiting Otavalo Market, Ecuador

In this post, you’ll take an Otavalo tour that’ll show you the highlights and everything you need to know as you plan your actual trip to the Otavalo Market.

Swimming at Tortuga Bay Galapagos

Tortuga Bay, Galapagos: 9 Things to Know Before You Visit

Santa Cruz Island is home to Tortuga Bay, one of the top attractions in the Galapagos Islands. It’s the perfect spot for swimming, snorkeling, and seeing some amazing Galapagos wildlife. In this post, I’ll share 9 things to know before you visit.

Best country for expats

7 Reasons Why Ecuador is the Best Country for Expats

What is the best country for expats? Ecuador is almost always on the radar for future expats planning a move to Latin America. In this guest post by Sara Chaca (Cuenca Attorney) you’ll learn about factors that make Ecuador the best country for expats.

What Do People In Ecuador Eat

What do People in Ecuador Eat? My Favorite 15 Foods

There are so many wonderful things about Ecuador – the scenery, the people and the culture. A big part of Ecuadorian culture is their food, passed down for generations. So it begs the question: What do people in Ecuador eat? Here are some of my favorites!

Interesting facts about Ecuador

21 Weird and Interesting Facts About Ecuador (That You Might Not Know)

Although tiny, Ecuador is a very diverse country. In this post, I’ll share 21 unusual and interesting facts about Ecuador.

Ecuador beverages

9 Ecuador Beverages You’ll Want to Taste: Horchata, Canelazo, Colada Morada…

Are you taking a trip to Ecuador? Or maybe just looking for some classic latino flavors? Here are nine Ecuador beverages to check out.

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