GringosAbroad Ecuador

December 2009

The flight to Ecuador was exciting and very, very long. The trip was supposed to take 16 hours with two stops, first in New York, second in Miami and then “up, up and away” to Guayaquil Ecuador.  Well, we experienced some problems in the Miami airport, being grounded there for around 11 hours rather than [...]

House, Car, Business – SOLD!

Everything Expat, Living in Ecuador

One of the first things we needed to do after we had decided on our destination was get the visa process started. When planning on relocating we were faced with a huge question of whether or not to keep everything, putting it in storage, or sell everything. We decided to sell everything, our house, business, [...]

Super Germ-Fighting Family

Ecuador Food, Ecuador Travel, Living in Ecuador

After choosing Ecuador as our destination, it was time to take on the germ fighters. So we checked with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website, and then made an appointment with a travel clinic. There was a charge for our initial consultation and recommendations.  After that it was the cost for the shots themselves.  [...]

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