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July 2010

Are Panama Hats Made in Ecuador?

Cuenca Ecuador, Ecuador Travel

While it might be hard to believe at first, Panama hats really are made in Ecuador. Specifically in 2 areas – Monticristi (Coastal Region) and Cuenca (Sierra Region). After catching on in Europe in the 1800’s, huge shipments of the lightweight woven hat were destined for Paris, and were shipped through Panama – the last [...]

Museo Banco Central, Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca Ecuador

With at least a dozen major museums in Cuenca, there is lots to keep inquiring minds busy. The best, however, is also the largest museum in the city: Museo Banco Central (Central Bank Museum). The museum includes exhibits featuring colonial artwork, walk-through displays of typical homes throughout Ecuador’s history, an Incan archaeological site, an aviary [...]

What can you bring back from Ecuador? Aside from dollar value information, which depends on your country of residence, the same rules apply to everyone. You can not bring cultural artifacts, animal products, including coral, bones, live or stuffed animals, etc. For current information, be sure to check with the Ecuadorian customs office. It is [...]

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