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September 2010

Top 5 Safety Tips for Shopping / Sightseeing Abroad

Our Perspective

We feel very comfortable shopping and traveling around Cuenca, but sometimes people do take advantage of an easy target.  So it makes sense to think ahead. Here are 5 things we do to stand out a little less: 1) Dress Down If you dress like you have money, people will think you do, and probably [...]

What is a “Spring-Like” Climate in Cuenca?

Cuenca Ecuador, Living in Ecuador

Curious about the spring-like climate in Cuenca? I’ll do my best to explain it. There seems to be some confusion online about what the expression “spring-like” actually means. Is it icy cold? Or is it beach weather? Just what does spring-like mean? What is a “Spring-Like” Climate in Cuenca? Imagine the Northern US / Southern [...]

Enjoy a Birds-Eye-View of Parque Calderon

Cuenca Ecuador, Living in Ecuador

Cuenca is recognized as one of the top retirement cities in the world. It’s also a top tourism destination. Learn more about the main park in Cuenca: Parque Calderon. Thinking about a visit to Cuenca? Check out our guide: Cuenca Ecuador: The Complete Guide Enjoy a Birds-Eye-View of Parque Calderon There are, at the least, [...]

Vacation Time! Sun and Sand in Salinas

Ecuador Travel

Every year in Canada we would spend a week or two on the beach, so after being here for a year we were in need of our beach time! To be honest we were a little nervous of where we would choose to spend our vacation, because we had heard some sketchy reports from some [...]

Is South America Scary?

Living in Ecuador

Is South America Scary? Thanks to Western media, we learn that everywhere except home is unsafe and scary. Especially Central and South America – right? The only thing that happens there are landslides, government coups and earthquakes. Crime is outrageously high and people fear for their lives. Well, yes that’s true some places. But why [...]

Learn About Ecuador

Ecuador Facts, Ecuador Travel, Living in Ecuador

Full Name: Republic of Ecuador (Spanish: República del Ecuador) literally means: “Republic of the equator”. Time Zone: Mainland is 5 hours behind GMT, and the Galapagos is 6 hours behind. Ecuador: By the Numbers Population: 14,573,101 (2009 estimate) Geographic Area: 283,561 km2 (109,415 sq ml) Number of Climate Zones: 4 La Costa, or the coast. [...]

About Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca Ecuador, Ecuador Facts

Tons of articles have been written about the colonial city of Cuenca, Ecuador. About how its so cheap, and how its such a great retirement place, etc. But if you’ve been left wondering about the basics of this city you’re not alone. Here is what you need to know about this great city. About Cuenca Ecuador [...]

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