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October 2010

Lifestyle Design is what happens when you decide what you want your life to be, and then make it happen. You design your own lifestyle; instead of letting your current set of circumstances dictate what your lifestyle has to be. It Just Can’t Be Done You might be thinking, that’s crazy, it’s not that easy, [...]

If you have children and are planning a move abroad you’re probably concerned about their schooling. For us this was not a very big concern, because we home school our daughter. We’ve always had the desire to move to a foreign country, and homeschooling makes for good mobility. We prefer homeschooling for many other reasons [...]

In this post, I’ll share how we helped our daughter deal with culture shock when we moved to Ecuador. Moving abroad is a pretty big undertaking. It’s exciting, exhilarating, fascinating and challenging. We have really enjoyed the experience. Our emotions have run the whole gamut of what would be expected to what just can’t be [...]

It has often been said that total immersion in a foreign language is the best way to learn, and while this is definitely true, lessons certainly help. But with such a huge learning curve, the biggest question is, where to start? How We Are Learning Spanish We have tried all kinds of different lessons, Rosetta [...]

Why Consider a Trip to Aruba?

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Aruba is a Travelers Paradise Aruba is a one of our favorite destinations. Why? Well, I guess its just one of those places where you can just forget yourself and relax. No challenges with language, safety or culture. Just pure relaxation. Everyone needs a week of that now and then. . . Great beaches, warm [...]

The greatest percentage of travelers / expats in Ecuador come from the United States. Here is what you need to know: Ecuador’s Embassy in the United States Consular Services – Visas, Passports, etc Are you looking for United States Embassy / Consulate in Ecuador? Ecuador’s Embassy/Consulate in the United States Address 2535 15th Street, N.W. [...]

Ecuador's Consulate in Canada

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If you’re planning your trip to Ecuador, and you’re a Canadian, you will need to talk to these folks: Consulado General del Ecuador en Montreal Consulado General del Ecuador en Montreal 2055 Peel,5to piso, Oficina 501 Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1V4 Tel: (514) 874 4071 Fax: (514) 874 9078 Correo electrónico: Maybe you’re looking for [...]

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