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January 2011

Gringo Superiority Complex

Our Perspective

We’ve realized that as foreigners we need to be careful not to come across as having an attitude of superiority.  The idea seems to exist amongst some that North Americans feel that they are better, and their ways and customs are better than the ways and customs of others.  Granted, there are a few from [...]

How to Do Your Banking in Ecuador (for Canadians)

Living in Ecuador

Moving abroad involves many fine details – visas, health, money, etc. Access to our money is something we take for granted “back home”, but in another country, it can be kind of challenging. We heard a story about an American couple who moved here and were shopping for real estate. The catch came when they [...]

How to Buy a Vehicle in Ecuador

Living in Ecuador

Buying a car is something we swore we would never do when we moved here a year and a half ago. We were terrified of the style of driving and the apparent lack of road rules. Well, we’ve loosened up a lot since then, and we are ready to be independently mobile once again. Obviously [...]

31 Firsts of Our First 18 Months

Our Perspective, Where to Live

Relocating to a foreign country brings with it a long list of firsts. Here are a few of mine. This has been the first time I have . . . Stepped on a tarantula Not been able to understand a single word being spoken to me Google translated out of necessity Run dry of known [...]

A reader recently asked: We have 3 small dogs terriers and 2 cats. How easy is it to rent apartments and houses in Ecuador with pets? Its a great question. When we bought our daughter her dog, we were a little concerned if the landlord would allow it in the apartment. Well, he didn’t care. [...]

How To Receive International Shipments in Ecuador

Living in Ecuador

For my other job, as a business journalist for Online Business – (shameless plug) I receive lots of review materials. Mostly books, but some software too. Some publishers are hesitant to ship to Ecuador, telling me that their shipping department is “unable” to ship out of the US. Other publishers (especially Wiley) must have [...]

Why Did We Open an Ecuador Bank Account?

Living in Ecuador

So, why did we open an Ecuador bank account? Well, there are the obvious tax benefits, tax shelters and security of a Latin American country. Ecuador is the new Switzerland! Okay, well, maybe not. But there are some good reasons to open a bank account here in Ecuador: 1) You’ll need a local account for [...]

Write for – While Traveling / Living Abroad

Working Abroad

I’m sure you’ve seen before. It would be impossible not to have stumbled across it online. is a top 15 website and they receive more than 60,000,000 visitors each month. If you are planning to move abroad, you should consider writing for About. They are very different – both in their compensation and [...]

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