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April 2011

Bryan recently needed some allergy testing, and routine medical procedures, we were referred to a specialist at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Cuenca. The Mount Sinai Hospital is very modern, bright and clean.  There are two large complexes, the main one faces Avenida Solano, a main avenue in Cuenca, and the other directly across from [...]

What We Would Have Done Differently in Our Move

Our Perspective

In our question post of: Whats Your Question About Cuenca, Ecuador? we were asked by David Marshall: “If you were to make the transition now, having learned from your experiences, what would you do differently. We all learn from our best mistakes. What were yours. Would you bring different things in your suitcases? Would you [...]

Work Abroad Opportunity for Bilingual Writers at

Working Abroad

If you are bilingual then this one is for you. has recently added a Spanish language channel to their über popular site. Currently they have about 30 Spanish topics live and will be adding significantly more throughout the year. The requirements are simple. You must be fluent in Spanish – because all the writing [...]

Last week, we received this inquiry from a reader. There is lots of confusion about what types of vaccinations are needed. Months ago, we published Super Germ-Fighting Family that covered some of the concerns and decisions we made about health, before we moved here. Reader question: (inset) I am wondering what vaccinations you had or [...]

Parque Vulqano – Quito’s Fun Park

Ecuador Travel, Quito Ecuador

Did you know that there’s a fun park in Quito? We had no idea. Some friends told us about it when we were talking about an upcoming trip. So, we made sure to check it out. (You might also enjoy visiting Parque La Carolina and Parque El Ejido while in Quito.) Parque Vulqano – Quito’s Fun Park While there certainly isn’t [...]

This is part of our My Life in Ecuador Series. Do you live in Ecuador? Share your Story here. My Life in Ecuador: Maureen Douglas Living in Cuenca The Expat: Maureen Douglas Where are you currently living? Hi, I am on my way to Cuenca to live and would love to link with your community. [...]

Weekly Photo – Don’t Run – You’ll Die!

Ecuador Travel

While atop El TelefériQo in Quito, I saw this sign. Even if you don’t know Spanish, you can probably tell what this means. Essentially, it says: 4,100 meters altitude – Don’t run or You’ll Die. But actually it just says: Warning. 4,100 meters altitude. Slow. No Running. As if, if you do fall, you’ll free [...]

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