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July 2011

How To Plan Your Ecuador Relocation

Living in Ecuador

Planning to move abroad is huge. If you are at this stage right now, you probably have a hundred questions. We are going to assume that you’ve already decided on the country, and probably even the city. Some of the common packing questions are: Can I get ____ in Ecuador? How much will ____ cost [...]

Costa Rica Expat Life: Erin Morris, Alajuela

Expats Everywhere

This is part of our Expat Life Series. Do you have a story? Share your Story here.  Costa Rica Expat Life: Erin Morris, Alajuela Costa Rica The Expat: Erin Morris What is your blog url? Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @delapuravida Where are you currently living? Alajuela, Costa Rica, Central America for 1.5 years What’s Your Story? I [...]

Weekly Photo – Close Call Feeding Tortoises Papaya

Ecuador Travel

On day 4 of our Galapagos trip we had the chance to hand feed some captive giant land tortoises on Isabela Island. Our guide kicked some fresh papayas out of a tree in the enclosure and gave one to our daughter. Drew was tickled to have the chance to feed them – she loves feeding [...]

Marine Iguanas

Galapagos Islands, Traveling Kids

Marine Iguanas are really quite weird. They enjoy eating the algae. . . at the bottom of the sea. They are not very happy about such a salty breakfast so, they just snort the salt out back on land. When they fight (over territory,or the gals) they can kill one another, or one of them [...]

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