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September 2011

This guest post has been contributed by Dave Campbell, a semi-retired professional photographer who lives in Cuenca.  Living in Cuenca does have a few frustrations and this is especially true for limited Spanish speakers.  For instance, It is extremely frustrating when you have a problem (like trying to set up a cell phone account) and [...]

Nova Scotia Fish and Chips – More Canadian Treats

Our Travels

One of the things we miss from Canada, while living in Ecuador is Nova Scotia Fish and Chips.  The fish is usually haddock, fresh, sweet white meat.  And they serve it deep fried in a light crispy batter that’s soooo good! Depending on where you eat it, sometimes the batter has beer or other secret [...]

Weekly Photo – Worlds Best Ice Cream

Our Travels

Earlier this week, we blogged about Cows Ice Cream – they make Canada’s best ice cream – hands down. No one is disputing this fact (except the competition, of course – sorry guys). Cows Ice Cream had a pretty neat sign in their window. We had lots of time to read it – the line [...]

What Can I Bring to Ecuador?

Ecuador Facts, Living in Ecuador

If you are planning on moving to Ecuador you know it can get pretty complicated. Packing is always one of the last minute things that doesn’t get much thought – until the few days before you leave. At least that’s how it was with us – and is one of those things we wish we [...]

Canada’s Best Ice Cream: Cows Ice Cream

Our Travels

Cows Ice Cream is one of our favorite treats while visiting back home in Canada.  It’s said to be among the best ice cream in the world.  It is definitely among the best I’ve ever tasted! Readers Digest Magazine voted it the best ice cream in Canada! The branding that Cows has established is rather [...]

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