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November 2011

Are Cuenca Taxis Safe … for a Single Foreign Woman?

Cuenca Ecuador

We recently had a reader ask: Is it safe to take a taxi from the airport into town in Cuenca.  We will be two women traveling alone. Yes, taxis are safe. My wife travels by herself and with our little girl. I’ve never heard anything (ever) about taxi problems. There are taxis that the locals [...]

The Panama Hat: 8 Myths and Legends

Ecuador Facts, Ecuador Travel

B. Brent Black is a Panama Hat expert and in this guest post he shares 8 common myths and legends about Panama Hats. He can be found at and #1: Panama Hats are Made in Panama Nope. Ecuador. Indigenous Ecuadorians already were weaving fine straw hats when the Spanish first arrived on the [...]

Use the Rule of Thirds to Take Better Vacation Photos

Expat Hacks

If you’re interested in adding more value to your vacation photos, you may want to learn about is the rule of thirds. It’s a simple, yet effective way of thinking about and taking photos. Despite what many high school photographers will tell you, you don’t need to have some kind of deep and mysterious soul [...]

Our episode aired February 15th, 2012. Check out: Behind the Scenes: House Hunters in Cuenca Ecuador Watch it on Amazon Instant Video! This week we finished filming a House Hunters International episode in Cuenca. This part was our house-hunting component which was shot Sunday through Tuesday. Our back-story (the why of our move) was shot [...]

Is Cuenca a Wonder of the World?

Cuenca Ecuador, Living in Ecuador

The New7Wonders Organization announced this morning that they are launching New7Wonders Cities. In its third global voting campaign (already covered are: New7Wonders of the World and Nature) New7Wonders aim to determine the top cities in the world – covering everything from economic, historical, power and touristic klout. Bernard Weber, Founder and President of New7Wonders, has [...]

China Expat Life: Steven LePoidevin, Wuhan, Hubei

Expats Everywhere

This is part of our Expat Profile Series. Do you have a story? Share your Story here.  China Expat Life: Steven LePoidevin, Wuhan, Hubei The Expat: Steven LePoidevin What is your blog url? Blog: Where are you currently living? My wife and I have been living in Wuhan, Hubei, China for the last four years. [...]

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