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January 2012

Vacation Volunteering: See Ecuador Differently

Ecuador Travel, Galapagos Islands

This is a guest post by Shawna Fagundes, a Canadian living in Quito, Ecuador with her husband. Shawna is interning at Lead Adventures South America, also based in Quito. Contact Lead Adventures. Volunteering for any organization allows you to give back to the local community, build confidence and, of course, add new skills and experience [...]

Someone Stole My Camera! Or Did They?

Ecuador Travel, Living in Ecuador

When we were in Quito I took my daughter out for a fancy breakfast at the JW Marriott Hotel. We were enjoying the beautiful surroundings so much that I forgot my usual paranoia and laid my camera down while I freshened up my lip gloss. Normally I would put my camera in my purse, even if I [...]

Pirate Taxis in Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca Ecuador, Living in Ecuador

By one taxi drivers estimation (he is an organizer for some of the strikes in the past) there are more than 3000 pirate taxi drivers in Cuenca compared to the 5000 licensed ones. Now the term “pirate” might bring to mind eye patches, parrots and chests of gold. Or maybe just a criminal. Neither is exactly [...]

7 Things You Should Know About Travel Insurance

Our Perspective

Update (May 13, 2014): We published a new post entitled: 7 Travel Insurance Options for Expats & Travelers As you consider all the great reasons to travel, its important to take a few minutes to consider the more boring, side of travel: travel insurance. Trying to evaluate a travel insurance provider can be confusing and frustrating. As [...]

So, before we came here I didn’t even know plantains existed,(so you can see that I  didn’t know plantain chips existed). So What is a Plantain Anyway? Well it’s a banana-like… thing, vegetable or fruit, I don’t know, Its starchy like a potato and sweet like a banana! Pretty interesting. Here there are about 3 [...]

UPDATE (January 8, 2012): This post is not about common vaccines like the flu shot or childhood vaccines. We are not promoting routine vaccines, nor do we sell them, or have anything to do with the industry. This post is written for travelers who are concerned about protecting themselves from things like rabies and typhoid. Vaccinations [...]

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