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April 2012

Traveling with kids is wonderful! It’s so satisfying to see them experience new places, foods, cultures and languages. It can really draw a family closer. But traveling with kids means being extra careful because you have to watch out for their health and safety, which is harder than just caring for yourself. There is a [...]

What Are the Rental Laws in Ecuador?

Cuenca Ecuador, Living in Ecuador

This is a guest post by an American expat living in Cuenca since 2007. Update (July 28, 2014): It seems that the site below is requiring a text payment/ registration for downloading the pdf of the rental laws. While the links are working, you’ll have to page through them on the site links below. Update (October [...]

Why Buy International Travel Insurance?

Our Perspective

This is a good question. Basically, travel insurance is there for the unknown. A slip, a pickpocketing or a missed flight means so much more ($) when you are in another country. How can you get funds, replacement id or another flight? That’s what travel insurance is for. There are a number of options for [...]

Cuenca Has Tarantulas! Should You Be Scared?

Cuenca Ecuador, Ecuador Travel

What should you be scared of in Cuenca?  When exploring options for moving abroad scary animals are often on the list of concerns. Some places have weird parasites that can enter your skin while swimming. Other places have poisonous snakes and other weird reptiles.But what does Cuenca have? But what does Cuenca have? Cuenca Has [...]

Owning Horses in Ecuador: What You Should Know

Living in Ecuador

This is a guest post by Christina Ring, an expat living in Otavalo Ecuador with her family. Christina and her family were profiled a few months ago. They run 4Volcanoes Lodge in Otavalo. We came to Ecuador in part because we love horses! Its so much easier to have them in a country where they [...]

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