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November 2012

The Joys of Having a Pet

Cuenca Ecuador, Ecuador Travel, Traveling Kids

There are many wonderful experiences of pet owning. But there are also many draw backs. Some of the joys are playing with it, brushing it, washing it, just to mention a few. But there is also work involved. You have to feed it, water it, and pick up after it. Having a pet can be [...]

As we planned our moved to Ecuador we bought a lot of books. Not just books to learn Spanish or books about becoming expats. Once we decided on Ecuador, we were hungry for information about what was actually there (here). Thinking about Ecuador retirement? Check out this list of the top books about retirement in Ecuador. We wanted [...]

This is a guest post by James Drummondo of FINTASTIC ADVENTURES de ECUADOR Fishing Excursions. Learn more about James in the author bio at the end of the post. So, just what is the fishing like in Ecuador? The country of Ecuador is divided into four geographical regions: The Andes Amazon (or Oriente) Coastal Zone Galapagos Islands The [...]

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