GringosAbroad Ecuador

December 2012

When speaking of Ecuador, most people think of the Andean capital city of Quito with its subtropical highland climate, of the vast rain-forests with their diverse flora and fauna, and, of course, of the Galapagos Islands with their white sandy beaches. However, there is something else that makes tourists from all over the world as well as people [...]

If you’re moving to a foreign country, then what your kids are going to do there, will probably be a concern. I was a little worried about that when we moved here. What was I going to do all day (aside from school)? Well, here are a few great places that I love to go: [...]

Street vendors are a very common thing here in Cuenca, especially in the center. They sell everything from toffee and plantain chips to lottery tickets and cell phones and antennas, etc. etc. It is really neat to be in the midst of it all. You will hear the following in really loud voices: Lotería, Loteríaaaa! [...]

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