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March 2013

Where to Stay in Yunguilla Valley, Ecuador: Santuario Hibiscus

Ecuador Travel

Franziska and Dan Pederson invited us to stay at their guesthouse, the Santuario Hibiscus in the Yunguilla Valley. Earlier this month, we visited for 2 nights. Visit their website or join them on Facebook or Twitter. Reader visitor reviews on TripAdvisor. A Warm Welcome We recently spent the weekend at the Santuario Hibiscus in the [...]

I like the buses in Ecuador. Before we got a car, we used buses all the time. I liked standing up on them, although I hardly ever did. Dad wouldn’t let me because it was kind of dangerous. They were really bouncy! You know how a bus isn’t allowed to stop unless you’re at a bus stop? Not here! Sometimes the driver will [...]

What’s Your Expatriate Definition?

Our Perspective

Seems like a simple enough question. What is an expat?  It doesn’t really sound that complicated. What is the definition of expatriate? A reader asked this question: “Why are people who simply choose to live another country called expats? A true Expat is an individual who has renounced their citizenship from the country in which they where [...]

The Amaru Zoo in Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca Ecuador, Ecuador Travel

We recently visited the Amaru Zoo here in Cuenca. It made for a really nice morning. The Zoo is located on the side of a hill so it’s like a trip to the zoo and a hike all in one. The ground is uneven so make sure to wear sturdy shoes/sneakers. The view from the zoo [...]

I love, love, love Encebollado! It is delicious! It is basically an onion soup. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Go back! Did she say onion soup?? That’s right! Onion soup. But wait. Its not as gross as it sounds, actually, it is too-good-to-be-true :). It has fish and yuca (a kind of potato-thing), it also comes with plantain chips and choclo (crispy corn). Oh, one [...]

Photo of the Month: Butterflies on Fruit?

Traveling Kids

Before we went to Aruba, I didn’t know that butterflies eat fruit. But as you can see, they do! At the Butterfly Farm in Aruba, a lot of the butterflies were eating fruit. It was really neat to see them siting on banana, orange and other fruit. One time, I picked up a piece of banana with a butterfly [...]

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