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May 2014

Photos of Ecuador’s Andes Mountains (Video Tour)

Ecuador Travel, Quito Ecuador

We have lived and traveled in the beautiful Sierra (mountains) region of Ecuador for almost 5 years. This post is all about how breathtaking it is! The Sierra takes in the Ecuador’s Andes mountains and the Interandean highlands. We’ve traveled from Azauy to Cañar to Quito and we’ve put some of our favorite photos into [...]

Ecuador's Pale Legged Horneros and their Tree-Top Mud Homes

Ecuador Travel

Birds are so interesting! There is something so captivating about them, their beautiful colors, songs, and not to mention their ability to fly. I mean who has never wished they could spread there arms out and just take off? Something I don’t often think about is what wonderful builders they are. They make their nests [...]

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