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June 2014

This is part of our Ecuador Expats Series. Do you live in Ecuador? Share your Story here.  Ecuador Expat Profile: Jessamyn, Tena Ecuador The Expat: Jessamyn What is your blog url? Where are your currently living? I live in Tena, Ecuador. We moved to Tena in 1998 and I have lived here off and on [...]

Café Calé de Queso: A Taste of Uzhupud in Cuenca

Ecuador Food

Update (May 12, 2016): The little cafe has been closed. Calé de Queso is a nice little cafe in Cuenca Ecuador. It’s located on Baltazara de Calderon 3-76 and Gran Colombia where the two streets form a Y. This cafe reminded us of one of our favorite cafes back in Canada which was decorated in a [...]

Cell phones are expensive in Ecuador. As a result, many expats and travelers bring a phone with them. Not only is it less expensive but you can also have the latest technology. Importation restrictions and bans have limited the availability of reasonably priced phones. If you are planning on bringing a phone, there are a few things [...]

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