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September 2014

Banos Ecuador: Luxury, Adventure, and an Active Volcano

Ecuador Travel

This is a guest post by Magali Ipina – a Canadian expat living in Quito, Ecuador. Read her french blog about Ecuador and follow her on Facebook. Baños is by far one of our favorite destinations here in Ecuador due to its spectacular setting and amazing natural beauty. Gateway to the Amazon rain-forest, it is home [...]

Just where in the world is there safe tap water? Who can you trust? Locals or expats? Safe water can be a pretty big issue. Not only can it ruin a perfectly good trip with diarrhea, but bad water can also carry hepatitis A, typhoid and cholera. This is nothing to play around with. When [...]

My Expat Cost of Living in Hoi An, Vietnam: Rebekah Voss

Expats Everywhere

Thinking about a move to Hoi An, Vietnam? What’s the cost of living there? Rebekah Voss is an American currently based in Vietnam. Learn all about her cost of living in the city of Hoi An. My Hoi An, Vietnam cost of living: $550/month You could VERY easily spend less if you’re willing to rough it – a one-room [...]

Sweet Granadilla Fruit In Ecuador

Ecuador Food, Ecuador Travel

We’ve tried many new fruits over the past 5 years, and the sweet granadilla is one of our favorites. You may also enjoy reading about dragon fruit and guaba (the ice cream bean) fruit. It’s really fun to try new foods, especially fruit you’ve never seen or heard of before. You don’t know what it’s going [...]

How Do You Eat a Mango?

Expat Hacks

I didn’t like mangoes in Canada. They never ripened, were expensive, and they tasted like soap. Mangoes sold at the supermarket were always hard. Just set it on the window ledge for a few days, they said. It’ll ripen and be delicious, they said. Not true. Mangoes in Canada arrive hard and unripe. They then [...]

Floreana is a small isolated island in the Galapagos. It has a very interesting history and is one of the most memorable places we’ve ever visited. The Galapagos islands are famous for their unique animals. We explored three islands and had unforgettable animal encounters on each of them, but none as breathtaking as on Floreana! [...]

My Expat Cost of Living: Yangon vs Bangkok (Bennett Stevens)

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Interested in the cost of living in Yangon or Bangkok? Bennett Stevens (co-founder of Luminous Journeys Travel & Tours) lives in both cities and shares all the specifics! I’ll let him explain… It seems like more and more people these days are looking not only to travel to exotic destinations, but to actively road test them [...]

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