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October 2014

This is part of a new series featuring the main areas of Cuenca, Ecuador with HD wide-angle video posts.  Let’s go for a drive along Avenida Ordoñez Lazo in Cuenca, Ecuador! This area is affectionately known as Gringolandia by both expats and locals. Because of the number of apartment towers and it’s closeness to Supermaxi (a [...]

11 Facts about Ecuador's Pink Silk Tree

Ecuador Travel

The Pink Silk (Albizia julibrissin) tree is beautiful! Its blossoms look more like feathers than flowers. The first time I saw this flowering tree I could hardly believe my eyes. It looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. (Read more about living in Ecuador) 11 Interesting Facts About the Pink Silk Tree They [...]

9 Time-Finding Hacks for Language Learning

Expat Hacks, Language Learning

Are you learning a foreign language? One of the most frustrating things about language learning is finding the time for it. Learning a new language can seem overwhelming, especially if you are only exposed to it when you leave your house to pick up your groceries. But when you start listening to it in the [...]

9 Family Attractions in Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca Ecuador, Ecuador Travel

Looking for something to do with your family in Cuenca Ecuador? Here are my 9 favorite attractions: 9 Family Attractions in Cuenca Ecuador   Banco Central Amaru Zoo Mirador de Turi Parque Paraiso Cuenca Flower Market Casa de la Mujer El Chorro Cajas National Park Hacienda Uzhupud 1. Central Bank Museum (Museo del Banco Central) [...]

Finding Makeup and Beauty Supplies in Ecuador

Living in Ecuador

Before we moved to Ecuador, I didn’t know if I would be able to find my favorite brands of makeup. As it turns out, the common brands are easy to find. Beauty supply stores are common in the major cities. Finding the shades you need may be difficult. Finding Makeup and Beauty Supplies in Ecuador [...]

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