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January 2015

Dealing With Bad Days Abroad: How 7 Expat Families Cope

Expats Everywhere

The life of an expat can be amazing! Days can be full of new experiences and adventures. And then other days can be really difficult. I recently interviewed some expat families and asked them how they deal with the bad days abroad. 7 Expat Families Explain: How To Deal With Bad Days Abroad The Hamori Family are Canadians [...]

12 Rainy Day Activities in Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca Ecuador, Ecuador Travel

So it’s raining in Cuenca, Ecuador. (This happens kinda often.) What is there to do in a wet and cloudy Cuenca? 12 Rainy Day Activities in Cuenca Ecuador Here are our twelve favorite things to do in Cuenca – on a rainy day. Go for Coffee: There are lots of great places to go for coffee. [...]

This post, with updated legal requirements for Ecuadorian visas for permanent residency, has been contributed by Grace Velastegui, Attorney at Law. Along with her husband Nelson, Grace runs Idrovo & Velastegui – a Cuenca Law Office. Update (July 3, 2015):  “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has changed the rule again regarding Police Reports for residency application.  [...]

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