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September 2015

Update to Ecuador's 9-I Pensioners Visa (Visa de Rentista)

Living in Ecuador

This post, with updated legal requirements for Ecuadorian visas for permanent residency, has been contributed by Nelson Idrovo, Attorney at Law. Along with his wife Grace Velastegui, Nelson runs Idrovo & Velastegui – a Cuenca Law Office. There has been an update to one of Ecuador’s six permanent residency visas. I’ll let Nelson explain: Update to Ecuador’s [...]

Cuenca Time Lapse Video (GoPro Timelapse)

Cuenca Ecuador, Ecuador Travel

In this new time lapse video, get a glimpse of downtown Cuenca. Whether you will be visiting or living in Ecuador, the downtown area of each city is a highlight. In this downtown Cuenca video, you’ll visit Parque Calderon and the famous flower market. Check it out: Cuenca Time Lapse Video Watch on YouTube See [...]

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