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7 Top Reasons to Travel (a cheeky list)

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  1. Love
  2. Conversation
  3. Complaint Generation
  4. Useless Information Vacation
  5. Ultimate Excuse
  6. Legit Reasons for Hygienic Laziness
  7. Tightwad Lime Light

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1. Love

If you find that you are unable to find love in your own country, you just might find it in another.

In a foreign country you will be different, mysterious and interesting.  You will notice that you will be turning heads, especially in South America if you have any light shade of hair or eye color.  And if you are already in love, chances are you’ll fall deeper in love because you’ll have no one else to talk to.  Everyone else around you will be talking some kind of foreign language or another.  You’ll be unbelievably grateful just to have someone else to talk to.

2. Conversation

Are you the type that sits around while everyone else is talking because you just don’t have anything all that interesting to say?  If you travel, those days will be over.  You’ll be able to entertain for hours with all your travel stories and pictures.  Keep a good journal.

3. Complaint Generation

Complainers never had it so easy until they started to travel!  If you like to complain, you’ll have all kinds of new material your friends from home just can’t come up with.  Like how no one speaks English, and how they get all annoyed at you when you can’t speak Spanish, and how long it took you to find your favorite brand of shampoo, and let’s not forget the outrageous price of peanut butter.  I could go on forever, but I’ll let you.

4. Useless Information Vacation

Do you sometimes feel that the part of your brain that’s supposed to hold useless information is broken?   Maybe you can’t hold all kinds of useless data in your head, like the current population of your mother’s home town, or what make of car your best friend drives, or the price of gas in your home town compared to the price of gas two towns away.  When you travel the pressure of providing useless information disappears.  No one expects you to remember any of that stuff, because they assume you can’t speak the language, and even if you can speak a little, you can still fake a “no entiendo”.  And all that’s left is to hope you don’t run into any other gringos.

5. Ultimate Excuse

Maybe you’ve been working on a huge project at the office, and you just couldn’t meet the deadline.  Or there is a family reunion you’d rather die than attend.  If you travel, you’ve got the perfect excuse.  It’s hard to beat the “I’m out of the country” excuse.  It’s like “the dog ate my homework” for adults.

6. Legit Reasons for Hygienic Laziness

Ever like to just let things go a little?  Don’t feel like washing your hair, or brushing your teeth?  Ever just want to let that big pan full of dirty dishes sit for the night, or that load of dirty laundry ripen in the hamper a little longer?  Well in a foreign country you can achieve these dreams without guilt.  The convenient power and water cuts make these goals attainable, sometimes more often than you ever dreamed possible.

7. Tightwad Lime Light

Like to brag about how much money you save?  South America is a tightwad’s heaven.  Food, rent, transportation, gas, jewelery and almost everything else is so unbelievable cheap.  You’ll have an unending supply of ammo to keep your friends on their toes, hopping up and down wishing they were you for years to come.

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(I would love you hear some of your favorite cheeky reasons for travel.  Please add to this list by commenting.)


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  • Lindsay Hartfiel Mar 13, 2012, 9:07 pm

    #6 was definitely true for me today…no running water! Sometimes when you travel you don’t always have the luxury of taking a shower on daily basis. BUT, I guess everyone else is smelly and dirty then, too!

  • Lisa @chickybus Dec 13, 2011, 7:51 am

    Great list…really made me laugh. So true!

  • @40before30 Jan 19, 2011, 8:54 am

    Great post! I think the beauty of the men in South America is a good reason to travel there and it totally helps if you have fair hair or blue eyes – you become a head turner overnight 🙂

    • dyebat Oct 6, 2011, 12:24 am

      Does that work if you’re over 70? The hair is fair because it’s gray, but the eyes are still blue!

  • Holly Dec 21, 2010, 7:32 am

    Hilarious! Great post and (in some cases) oh so true!

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