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Gringos Abroad Affiliate Program FAQ

Have you signed up for our affiliate program? These frequently asked questions apply to bloggers and business owners who want to sell our products on their site, to their audience. If you are just interested in our content, you can return to the main site.

Have a question that isn’t included below? Please contact us here.

Where can I find the affiliate agreement?

Read all the important (and dry) terms here.

How much can I make?

Our current commission rate is 55% of all transactions. Commissions are payable on all products that we produce and sell on GringosAbroad.

How will you pay me?

Payments are issued directly by Clickbank. They are issued automatically when you hit a specific threshold. Payments are sent either by check or direct deposit.

How do I create a link to the specific page? 

Download these banners for your site.

Can we work together for a promotion I’m planning?

Probably. We are always interested to hear your ideas. In general, we need to see proof of an existing (and sizable) audience. Please include a link to your current traffic numbers. Here is an example of what we would like to see.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can contact us here. Or on Twitter if you prefer.

Can I use my affiliate code to buy a copy for myself? 

No. This is (obviously) not the purpose of the affiliate program. We monitor each transaction and we will correct any of these self-commissions. If you have a large audience, please contact us to work out a free review copy.

How do I know that you’ll pay me?

Clickbank is one of the largest online retailers in the world. Your payments are automatically sent by them, when you reach your account payment threshold.

Our success is directly tied to your happiness (and success) as our affiliate. If you have any concerns – we want to hear them.

Have a question that isn’t included below? Please contact us here.

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