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Café Calé de Queso: A Taste of Uzhupud in Cuenca

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Cafe-Cale-de-Queso-in-Cuenca-sandwichUpdate (May 12, 2016): The little cafe has been closed.

Calé de Queso is a nice little cafe in Cuenca Ecuador.

It’s located on Baltazara de Calderon 3-76 and Gran Colombia where the two streets form a Y.

This cafe reminded us of one of our favorite cafes back in Canada which was decorated in a similar colonial style. The house that the Calé de Queso cafe is in was built before 1822 in the colonial era.



Yummy Sweets & More

They sell all kinds of goodies like cookies, cakes, breads, coffee, and cappuccino. They also serve  breakfast and lunch.


We stopped in for lunch and had sandwiches. I had a moist chicken curry sandwich, it was really good. Bryan had a ham and cheese. The sandwiches were served with large sweet-potato chips and the coffee came with a cookie.


The owners of the cafe also own Uzhupud, an upscale hacienda in Paute. They have a rose plantation so Uzhupud and Calé de Queso are full of fresh cut roses. There were rose bouquets for sale in a bucket at the door, and the tables were decorated with fresh roses.


A Unique Name

A “calé” was a measure of currency used in Ecuador in the late 1920’s. The currency used at that time was the sucre, a calé was worth about two and a half cents.

People often used a calé to buy a certain portion of food like sugar, bread or cheese. The “calé” of cheese was cut into a wedge shape which resembled the shape of the Calé de Queso cafe.


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  • Jaci Jan 1, 2015, 12:36 pm

    Yummy, yummy desserts and their standard zucchini bread are favorites. It is a good thing I’m usually walking AWAY from home or too many would make it into my bag.

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