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Have you ever eaten prickly pear (genus opuntia) cactus fruit? I never knew cactus plants produced edible fruit until we moved to Ecuador. The only cactus plants I had ever seen in Canada were in little pots, growing indoors. When researching this post I found out that some prickly pear cactus do grow in Canada, [...]

Imagine our excitement when República del Cacao invited us to taste test their premium chocolate! All of their product is 100% harvested and produced in Ecuador. In this post, we’ll also share the specifics about how to taste chocolate. Needless to say, it wasn’t a hard job. Here’s our video taste test of República del Cacao’s flavored chocolates. República [...]

A reader recently asked about finding organic food in Ecuador. “My wife and I and our 2 year old son are considering a move to either Cuenca or Antigua, Guatemala. One thing that is very important to us is the availability of organic food. We were excited to find that Cuenca had a market called [...]

Update (May 12, 2016): The little cafe has been closed. Calé de Queso is a nice little cafe in Cuenca Ecuador. It’s located on Baltazara de Calderon 3-76 and Gran Colombia where the two streets form a Y. This cafe reminded us of one of our favorite cafes back in Canada which was decorated in a [...]

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