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During our recent visit to Hacienda Uzhupud we were kept very busy. One of the activities that they planned for us was making pizzas in the wood fired oven. In Cuenca, there are a few pizza shops that use wood ovens and the flavor is amazing. Update (January 1, 2018): Hacienda Uzhupud closed a few months ago. Although [...]

Corviche is definitely one of my favorite traditional foods here in Ecuador. It’s right up there with encebollado. Corviche is made with mashed up green plantain and fish. That combination may not sound all that appetizing but when it’s made right, it’s amazazing! ;) Corviche: Deep Fried Fish and Green Plantain I’ve eaten corviche at a [...]

You are at a restaurant in South America, you’re ready to order. You pick up the Spanish menu, try to figure out what it says and then try to order in English. This probably wouldn’t work very well. Here are some phrases to know when you are at a restaurant. On the last Spanish Phrases, someone asked [...]

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