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A few weeks ago, we asked you for your questions about Cuenca, Ecuador. Well, I guess that was a good idea – we’ve received 38 questions so far. We’re still working through them – lots of great material to come. But, not everyone wants to relocate to Cuenca. And you still have questions, right? Well, [...]

As expats, it didn’t occur to us (until we started receiving feedback on our blog) that people planning to move to another country are hungry for stories of people who have done it. Success stories. How-to stories. And we’ve been telling our story for quite a while here on GringosAbroad. Now its Your Turn In [...]

In this post, I’ll share how we helped our daughter deal with culture shock when we moved to Ecuador. Moving abroad is a pretty big undertaking. It’s exciting, exhilarating, fascinating and challenging. We have really enjoyed the experience. Our emotions have run the whole gamut of what would be expected to what just can’t be [...]

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