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Spanish is one of the most popular languages for expats. Language learning requires a real determination. It is often a work in progress for many years. While Pimsleurs is a popular choice there are lots of books and courses to learn Spanish.
Here is our guide to The Best Way to Learn Spanish

Recent Language Learning Posts:

When do I use the Spanish tú or usted? This a very common question that comes up among expats learning Spanish. What Does Tú and Usted Mean in English? Both tú and usted are Spanish for the word: you. Unlike in English, the word “you” in Spanish comes in two varieties: tú (informal) and usted (formal). And while the rules might [...]

Curious about how to say the letters and sounds in Spanish? Grab a coffee and let’s learn this right now! This video will teach you the basic Spanish letters and sounds in less than 12 minutes. This is both a great introduction and review. Something I love about Spanish, is that the pronunciation is always the [...]

If you’re learning Spanish, you’ve probably heard of Madrigal’s Magic Key To Spanish. It’s our readers favorite Spanish learning book. We’ve seen 600+ purchases just from mentioning this book in an overview post. The week we arrived in Ecuador, someone loaned us their copy because they said it was the best book to get us started. It’s the book [...]

Chances are if you are living or traveling in a Spanish speaking country you will use Google Translate at some point. Google Translate can be a help but it can also mess you up. Google Translate = Embarrassing Situation When we moved to Ecuador I used Google Translate (I didn’t know any Spanish) to prepare [...]

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